Orienteering at Niskayuna Parks/Lock 7 — August 30, 2017

Starts from 5:30–6:30PM; everyone must finish by 7:30PM (due to sunset).   $3 for EMPO members, $5 for nonmembers.  Start at parking area adjacent to Lock 7 at end of Lock 7 Rd, Niskayuna.

Format: Score-O/PhotO event:  A one-hour score-O, with possible extra points for great photos of scenic spots.

All controls are located at scenic, unique spots in this beautiful park. Almost all controls are on trails!

60-minute Score-O:   20 controls total. 12 controls are worth ten points each, 8 controls are worth fifteen points each.  NOTE: There is a ten-point penalty for each minute late after one hour.  Find any controls you like in any order you like.  Highest score wins!  Any finishes past 7:30PM are automatic disqualifications.

PhotO special rules
: Taking photographs is totally optional. You may earn a maximum of 30 extra points for taking great photos while orienteering. To earn points, your photo must be either taken from close to a control bag, or include a control bag as a subject (perhaps from afar!). You can submit a maximum of 3 photos for judging.  Photos must be submitted to Will Kennerly via email to william.kennerly [at] gmail.com before 11:59PM of the event day.  Email your photos and include which control number(s) is/are involved in the photos.  A panel of judges formed from qualified EMPO members will determine photo points earned.  Photo submitters are NOT guaranteed photo points.  Decisions of the judges are final.  Be it known that judges everywhere enjoy pictures of the river, flowers, sunsets and kids orienteering.  Taking photographs is totally optional.

Notes about the Map

There are a lot of trails in the park, with many interconnections between main trails, as well as trails added by mountain bikers.  You may find a new, unmapped trail segment, or an overgrown trail segment.  These are generally short and don’t cause problems if you are paying attention.  The vegetation is mapped reasonably well but expect it to be a little thicker than mapped.

The topography of Lock 7 is beautiful but tricky!  Many slopes are steep and perhaps slippery, and it could well be better to find a way around them rather than go up or down.  You need to pay attention to the contour lines to make sure “you can get there from here”!