Billygoat XXXIV – April 29, 2012

Welcome to the XXXIV Billygoat, brought to you by the Empire Orienteering Club.


·         Following is allowed.

·         You may skip one control.

·         Finishing in 3.5 hours or less earns you a t-shirt. (3:30:00 = shirt, 3:30:01 = no shirt)

·         There is a forked leg.  You may visit either control (both have the same number and control code).  You may visit both controls, although that will gain you nothing.  If you choose, you may use the forked control as your "skip" control.

·         Order of finish and official time are when you cross the finish line.  The e-punch finish box will be slightly past the line, but please punch promptly.

·         Carrying of GPS devices is allowed. (Actually, carrying anything not prohibited by law is allowed.)

Map Notes:

Map scale - 1:10000. Contour interval - 5m

Mapped trails are sometimes hard to see in the terrain, depending on how much recent use they've seen.

Occasionally, substantial rock features which you might expect to see mapped are not. This situation occurs most often on the big, steep slopes leading up to (or down from) the plateau, but I've also been surprised elsewhere.

Other Things Which May Be of Interest:

The course is 12.4 km with 600 m of climb (counted following some "best route").  There will be opportunities to add additional climb if you desire.  There is a net loss of elevation on the course.

There are 26 controls.  The first and last controls will each have two e-punch boxes, just in case there's racing going on.  No pushing, shoving, fisticuffs, etc. at controls (or anywhere on the course for that matter).

There is water on the course at 4 points.  They are at 2.7, 4.7, 8.9 and 10.6 km. The point at 8.9 km will also have snacks and sports drink and will be staffed for much of the time.  Note that this point is nearly 75% of the way through the course, so please plan accordingly (carry stuff you’ll need earlier).  If you have things you want taken to the aid station, put them in the box near the packet pick-up area.

Walk to the start begins promptly at 10:45am.  There will be some climb on the walk to the start.  There will be no clothing return from the start unless it is snowing.  Mass start at 11:00am.

There are non-Billygoat control flags out for the recreational courses.  They have number codes and pin punches so are easily distinguished from Billygoat controls.


Janet Tryson:  Assistant Head Goat, Registrar, Vetter, etc.
Frank Boscoe:  T-shirts, "Day-of" Vetter, etc.
Phil Hawkes-Teeter:  E-punch, Results

Water Haulers:  Doug Swank, Bob Lange, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Janet Tryson

Refreshments:  Dorinda Hamilton, Emmanuel Bryant

Others Helping Out on the Day of the Event:  Bill and Shelly Jameson, Eric Hamilton, Bob and Sue Lange, Russ and Becky Myer, Will Kennerly, Gabor Bobok, Tuuli and Jason Edwards, Candi Raines

And my apologies and thanks to anyone I may have overlooked.


Glen Tryson, Head Goat