August 22, 2019 Summer Sprints

Foxenkill Flats Sprint Notes

The map uses ISOM 2007 mapping standards and symbols (not sprint standard), plus some common (in the USA) Mark Dominie symbols. A legend showing all symbols used is on the map.

This map debuted in 2009, was used for one EMPO Sprint around then, and was sporadically used with school kids since. It was recently updated and used for the 2018 EMP-O-Ringen. The map Scale 1-5000; the contours are 2.5m.

I have made more updates for this event, mostly increasing the various shades of Green areas and reducing the viability of some trails. I also had to significantly adjust my initially planned courses because of construction going on around the school buildings. This (and the vegetation) reduced the possible course setting options. The courses may a seem a bit short (nominally), but there will be a lot of green which you may want to avoid (good idea!), which will increase the distance you will travel.

Course choices:
•    Short: 1k (mostly just trails; no significant green issues)
•    Middle: 1.8k (some route choice issues around the green)
•    Long: 2.4k (several green-avoidance route choices)

Several previously discernible trails north of the school grounds and near the Foxenkill are now totally overgrown; these are mapped as “indistinct”. Someone has been trying to put down planks and build bridges over parts of the former trails, but there is already vegetation growing up through the planks and they don’t end up connecting to anything beyond the school grounds. So, as far as they have gotten, these are mapped as “minor”.

-Phil H-T