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EMPO Members and Interested Parties--

On Saturday, October 13, Empire OC will be holding its first event of this sort: a traverse from one venue to another, with orienteering legs at the first location, trail/off-trail (and some road) running in between, and more orienteering over the final map. You will use three maps, two O-maps at 1:10000, and the Trail Run map at 1:20000.

Total length will be around 18k. There will be some climb, but nothing out of the ordinary. More specific details on the splits among orienteering/trail/road leg distances are shown in the table below. These may change somewhat.

Competitors should park at Grafton Lakes State Park, then at 10am take shuttle car or a bus (only one bus, so don’t miss it) down to Pineridge XC Center for the Mass Start at 11am. [If you arrive at Grafton, but miss the cars/bus, you can drive yourself to Pineridge XC, and we will work with you to get you back to your car; but that will be late and slow.]

From Pineridge, you will have 5 hours to complete your course. All those completing the course in that time frame will receive a prize (TBD).

  1. The event takes place during bow-hunting season (no firearms). Parts of these lands allow hunting. Working/running in bow-hunting season is totally safe; but it's always a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing. Don't look like a deer.

  2. There are several crossings of east-west roads. Due to staffing issues, EMPO may or may not have a traffic controller at them. Three are paved roads, and two of these have a 55 mph speed limit.

    • Plank Road: Between the southern and northern parts of Pineridge XC, this road is lightly traveled but posted at 55 mph
    • Fifty-Six Road: Between the N end of the Pineridge map and the beginning of the Trail Run map, posted at 45 mph
    • NY State Route 2: Between the lower part of the Grafton map and the upper part back into the woods; this road is heavily traveled and (supposedly) posted at 45 mph in the crossing area. This is the most dangerous crossing, so be aware and cross carefully.
No one is allowed to still be on the course after 5 pm. There will be two cut-off points at major road crossings, from which you will not be allowed to continue if you have not reached them by a designated time. There will be vehicles available to bring you back to Grafton (though it may be a while before those vehicles can leave, as they must wait for all competitors to pass through). The time limits for each intermediate station are stated in the table below. These locations will also serve as filling stations, with water, sport-drink, cookies, bananas.

To encourage families, spouses, partners, friends, etc., to come along with those running the Traverse, we will also offer a Green/Orange Rec course at Grafton Lakes State Park***. And, if we receive enough requests, we will create a White/Yellow course as well, so let me know. These additional courses do not require pre-registration, but send a note to Phil H-T if folks who accompany you are interested in them so we can be sure enough maps are printed.

***NEW: Due to popular demand, there will be a limited trail run option (a mini-Traverse, if you will), allowing anyone to run the bulk of the orienteering courses without the 8k trail run between them. In this case, you may drive directly to Pineridge XC Center (though it may be helpful to head to Grafton first to transport any Full Traverse participants you can carry). The procedure for the mini Traverse option is:
  • From Pineridge, compete on the shorter portion on the south side of Plank Road, plus one control taking you back toward parking
  • From the last control, continue to the parking area and punch a Finish control
  • Drive yourself to Grafton Lakes SP, download, clear / check, and compete there on the Green/Orange Rec course
  • There are no prizes or particular recognition (other than a listing in the Results) for those choosing this option
  • Please use the modified Registration Form and indicate this option as your course. To keep track of participants and print enough maps we need to know what you plan to do.

The Traverse and mini-Traverse require pre-registration, and all courses will be SI-only (if you need an SI stick, we will have them for rent at $2). Prices for the event:

Traverse/mini-Traverse: $35 ($20 for EMPO members)
Modified Registration / Waiver form must be completed and mailed with a check (payable to Empire Orienteering Club) to Phil by COB 10/7/2018. Mailing address is on the form.
PLEASE USE THIS FORM to register for BOTH courses (see course details below)
NB: Prices may have be adjusted to cover costs of the bus or other transport options, which is not yet finalized.*

Recreational courses at Grafton S.P.: (payable at the event, but please let Phil know which course/s you're interested in)
Orange/Green course $10 ($5 for EMPO Members)
White/Yellow course $5 for anyone

In order to keep costs down for our initial event of this type, EMPO will not be offering anything like a ROGAINE-style hash house food operation at the finish. There will be water, sport-drink, cookies, pretzels, bananas, apples. If the weather is cold, we will consider adding some hot food and drink.

-Phil H-T
v. 2018-09-25
2018-09-26 small edits marked below in red bold text

* If you register and pay before the need for a bus is finalized, you will be safe from any price adjustment.


Section Map Scale Cut-off Km Climb Orienteering Footpath
Pineridge XC 1:15000 2 hrs 6.2 140m 6.2        
Pineridge to
1:20000 4 hrs 8.0 100m   3.0 2.25 2.0 0.75
Grafton Lakes
1:10000 6 hrs 3.8 110m 3.8 / 9c

** N of Fifty-Six Road at Pineridge, to N of Johnson Rd at Grafton Lakes


Map Scale Last
Km/Controls Climb Course Closes
Pineridge XC 1:7500 12:00 PM
3.2 / 8c
  95m 2:00 PM
Grafton Lakes S.P. 1:7500   2:30 PM
3.3 / 9c
100m 5:00 PM