To be a Club Champion, you must be a paid-up member of the club before you go out on your course (you can’t just decide to join later after you find out you had the best time), and you must compete in a Class for which you are eligible, by age and sex. EMPO’s Class structure and the resulting courses you should compete in are:

Championship Classes Distance ControlsMaximum Points
 White M-12, F-12   
1.83 km
 7 N/A
 Yellow M-15, F-15
 2.3 km   
 10 N/A
 Orange M-18, F-18
Score-O 30 171
 Green M-20, F-20, F35+/45+/55+
 30 171
 Red F-12+, M-21+, M35+/45+
Score-O 30 171

As always, despite the designation of “Championship Classes”, you may choose to do whichever course you prefer. It is only if you wish to compete for a title of Club Champion that you must compete on the Course associated with the Class you are entering. There too, you should know that you can choose to compete (for a Championship) in a Class more difficult than the one indicated by your age. The “-“ means that age or younger; and the “+” means that age or older. So, for instance, a 13-year-old male could compete in M-15, M-18 or M-20; and a 58-year-old female could compete in F21+, F35+, F45+ or F55+. You must declare the Class in which you are competing (not the Course) before you Start.

All courses will be using SI (SportIdent) electronic timing, and this will be required for those competing to be Club Champions. If you do not have your own SI stick, you may rent one for $2. You may run/walk the White and Yellow courses using manual timing, but in that case you will not be eligible to be a Club Champion. Orange/Green/Red competitors must use SI regardless of Club Champs competition status.

At this time, it is not clear how the control flags and SI boxes will be hung. Most of EMPO’s stands were lost in the Hurricane Irene flood. Thanks to the generosity of our members, we have been able to purchase new stands, but as of this writing they have not arrived, so the flags and SI boxes may be on stands, or they may be hung from tree limbs, etc., with the SI boxes threaded through the hanging string. This is not our preferred setup, but we are doing what we can do.

Everyone should be aware that there could be Bow Hunters around, but don’t spend too much time worrying about it. Some important points regarding bow hunting:

•    There has never been a recognized accident involving a bow hunter and a “civilian”. Bow hunting requires very close contact. It should not be a cause for worry.
•    Nonetheless, everyone should wear bright clothing. Camouflage colors are NOT a good idea.
•    EMPO will have a small number of blaze orange vests to lend to those who think they can’t create a sufficiently visible ensemble.

White/Yellow competitors will get a map on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper, with both the clues (in English) and the map legend on the front of the map. You can have a plastic bag if you wish. What you will receive is the central section of the full map, which will more than cover your entire course, but will not show the full extent of the map. If you later wish a copy of the full map, you are entitled to one, so just ask.

For those competing in Score-O classes:

•    Your map will be on a sheet of 8.5x14 paper, with the clues (in code) on the front, in unsealed plastic bags. To allow the clues to fit on the front, the Legend had to be sacrificed. There will be copies of the Legend to review or take with you. There will be no separate copies of the clues.

•    While you should generally get as many controls as possible, the real determining factor for Orange-Green-Red competitors will be the Point Score. The controls have different values, and points will determine the winners.

•    The point value of each control is found by dropping the last digit in the control code. Thus Control #31 is worth 3 points, #52 is worth 5 points, #104 is worth 10 points, etc.  There are:
>    9 controls worth 3 points
>    6 controls worth 4 points
>    8 controls worth 5 points
>    6 controls worth 10 points
>    1 control worth 20 points

•    If there are ties in point totals, the determining factor will be time spent on the course (shorter time wins).

•    The time limit is unusual: the nominal limit is 3 hours, but while the Start window is open from 10:00am to Noon, all the courses will close at 2:00pm. This means that if you want the full 3 hours on your course, you must start before 11:00am. This is being done to get everyone out of the woods well before it gets dusky (since the change to Standard time) and before there are evening hunters around.

•    The penalties for being overtime are severe: for each minute of overtime you lose the points from one control, starting with the lowest point value and increasing to the highest point value. Thus, for instance, regardless of point values, if you had 10 controls, and were overtime by 9:10, you would lose everything.

•    The Score-O course has 3 water stops (other than the Start/Finish area). They are widely spaced on the map.

All courses close at 2:00pm.

You MUST be back by then.