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2010 US 2-Day Classic Orienteering Championships

More O at Moreau!

DATES: October 16-17
LOCATION: Moreau Lake State Park, Gansevoort, New York
EVENT DIRECTOR: Phil Hawkes-Teeter

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Can you never get enough orienteering in one year? Did you miss the "other" US Championships?

Come to Moreau for More O! Empire Orienteering Club is hosting the 2010 US Classic Championships on a newly expanded map of Moreau Lake State Park. The terrain consists of glacial lowlands around the lake, and a glacial/bedrock forested plateau with plenty of rock and contour detail, but not so much underfoot.

All of the weekend's events will use electronic punching, including the recreational courses (recreational price includes rental fee).

Important competition information:
  • All of Moreau Lake State Park south of the Hudson River in Saratoga County (including all of the Palmertown Range) is embargoed for anyone eligible for championships.  The portion of the Park north of the Hudson River (Luzerne Range, Warren County) is not embargoed.
  • Individuals or groups training or orienteering in the closed venue will not be eligible for competition, awards, or rankings, but they may nevertheless participate in the event. If this is the case, please register as "non competitive" (NC).

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