November 2nd, 2019 - Thacher Park North Addition

EMPO Members and Event Attendees-
We had a somewhat cooler day than those of the past week, but after the rain and wind of the last two days, a calm, partly sunny, and cool for running, day was just about perfect. I had a terrible time trying to read my computer screen out in the open, but eventually I figured out a way to block the ambient daylight enough to make it work.
Several newcomers attended, including two group of Scouts, and one past member returned after a hiatus. It was also nice to see some of our core members again, who have been absent due to illnesses and other matters. The total attendance was 18 starts, and 33 participants.
Surprisingly, I did not get much criticism on the map. There were a few suggestions: a missing stone wall, another gully, and the water stop should have been a pit instead of a depression. The first two I’ll check out; the depression/pit question is one of interpretation. I think a pit has to be really sharply defined up & down, while a depression is more gradual. Thus, I still think that control location is a depression, albeit a large one (and I used the larger of the two depression symbols). There are pit symbols on the map, and maybe some of those who thought this should be a pit might want to check them out to see more about how I divided those two features. At any rate, I don’t think that using the pit or depression symbol did (or should have) not made any difference in anyone’s time.
There were some close races, and an interesting spread of times to controls. I don’t know how everyone traveled, but I do know that Gabor chose to go around everything on 1-2 on Red; Sue had a terrible time getting stuck in the dark green going 8-9; Bruce S got off on the wrong foot with a not-using-compass error to #1. There are some other interesting splits, but I can’t tell you how they traveled. Maybe some who had the best (or worst) splits will send in an explanation, which I could add to our Results page.
Finally, our new Club Champions are:
F55+ Cynthia Johnson
F65+ Susan Hawkes-Teeter
M21+ Dylan Thies
M45+ Gabor Bobok
M65+ Bob Lange
Thanks to all who attended (you are why we do it)! More thanks to:
Sue, for help with Registration, Training, Pickup and Prizes
Gabor for pickup
Eric for pickup
Cynthia for pickup
I think that covers it. If you have questions or comments, send them along.
Now, we move on to Ski-O (and the occasional Snowshoe-O) season. Hope to see you!
-Phil H-T

EMPO Champs at Thacher NorthSat 11/2/19 4:42 PM
Split time resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2017

Red (4)5.0 km 90 m11 C

1Gabor BobokM45+1:20:052:4410:1521:3027:3037:5845:1950:2857:131:01:361:12:151:18:571:20:05
2Dylan ThiesM21+1:20:463:069:3414:5119:5131:3647:5853:0958:511:04:081:13:341:19:371:20:46
3Bruce BeesleyM45+1:27:163:5913:5319:2924:1535:5651:5357:151:05:161:10:241:18:211:25:391:27:16
4David HarnettM45+1:30:082:1221:3928:0433:3145:0751:1057:511:05:491:10:571:20:141:28:551:30:08

Orange (6)3.3 km 45 m10 C

1Bob LangeM65+1:10:269:0015:4419:0026:0633:2737:0745:2359:311:05:071:09:021:10:26
2Bruce ShenkerM65+1:34:4221:5629:3234:0945:1153:5457:291:07:041:18:211:23:391:33:371:34:42
3Cynthia JohnsonF55+1:38:168:2322:2826:0546:2256:381:00:381:14:081:23:501:30:231:36:471:38:16
4Susan Hawkes-TeeterF55+1:40:568:0320:1324:3837:5851:0555:541:06:571:17:391:36:421:39:321:40:56
5Eric HamiltonM65+1:49:3410:2320:5625:3937:211:01:121:09:351:22:361:35:511:42:231:47:211:49:34

Stuart PooleRecreational Orangednf11:3722:0826:1636:531:00:331:04:13--------------------1:19:08

Yellow (4)2.6 km 45 m10 C

1Abe Madey GroupGroup Yellow27:032:313:546:117:208:5315:4118:3021:5625:0126:0027:03
2Kelly Cooper GroupGroup Yellow1:20:262:437:4015:3819:0023:0142:3853:011:02:151:09:161:18:361:20:26
3Eric Randall GroupGroup Yellow1:26:565:0412:1719:1322:1527:5359:031:08:011:13:071:20:421:24:401:26:56
4Kennerly Family GroupGroup Yellow1:29:385:3012:1320:4427:0332:4750:161:00:471:12:041:23:501:27:081:29:381:14:44

White (4)1.7 km 35 m10 C

1Alex Madey GroupGroup White25:511:382:584:307:049:4416:3419:0020:2623:1524:2125:51
2Micah IlowitRecreational White38:243:115:428:0312:2815:5525:4128:2630:3134:5136:2538:24
3Bob McLean ScoutsGroup White50:272:175:077:4213:1017:5331:0535:0038:0943:5247:2450:27
4Wayne Higdon ScoutsGroup White50:332:165:077:4413:2517:5431:2035:0337:5843:5247:2650:33