Summer Sprint at Schenectady Central Park, July 11, 2019

The weather forecast threatened our orienteering plans in “The Jewel of Schenectady”, but luckily the clouds only cast their shadow on us. We enjoyed cooler-than-expected evening race conditions after an otherwise hot, sunny, and humid day. 

Central Park has a little bit of everything as an urban park - playgrounds, gardens, ponds, disc golf, defensive Canada geese, a disused tennis stadium, semi-pro baseball teams, and as well wooded sections with foot and mountain bike trails. The latter provided some labyrinthine quality that made navigating the long course challenging, as often you could be standing in one spot and see four distinct trails winding around you. Using Dylan Thies’ pioneering 3D-printed control markers that are only 5 cm on a side provided extra challenge. You could be less than 10 m from the control and still not see it if you weren’t looking carefully. Consequently Marshall Miller, who is championing the mountain bike division of our summer series, couldn’t find one of them as he furiously sluiced by the correct location. The long course had some great competition with Dylan Thies winning by only 20 seconds.

Special acknowledgements to Anya Miller who pioneered in her own right by completing her first course without her parents, and as well to John Courain visiting from Rochester Orienteering Club.

Long - 2.8km, 7 controls
Medium - 2.0km, 5 controls
Short - 1.0km, 4 controls

Name              Course      Elapsed time

Dylan Thies           long            41:38
Aaron & John Courain  long           41:58
Marshall Miller       long/MTBO         DNF

Dorian Solot & Friend  medium           49:00
Kennerly Group         medium         1:01:29

Anya Miller & Friend   short            38:20

See you in the woods, anywhere you can put up flags and have a map,
Will Kennerly, event director