Washington Park, Albany, NY
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thanks for coming out for our final summer evening series event at Washington Park, planned by Dylan Thies.

The total attendance of 7 (6 starts) was somewhat disappointing; but we did have a new family try out the sport (and they plan to continue and perhaps get their Home School group into it), and we had the return of a member from some time back who is now mostly in Albany at SUNY (instead of his family home in North Creek).

Dylan set good courses for a very open venue, and he succeeded in confusing at least me, as I misunderstood one of the boundary streets and spent a good bit of time looking for #7 in the area where #8 was placed (on the Medium course). On the other hand, the #8 flag was placed right within a flower bed, so it was pretty hard to pick out. Had I been able to see it, I might have recognized my error much earlier. Still, Sue and Cynthia weren’t too confused, or were confused equally, as they managed to finish in a dead heat.

Still it was fun, and a good use of a non-rainy day and a nice park. In the future, we may need to re-think how late in August we can hold these evening events, as it seems likely that too many people are away, or already tied up with the beginnings of autumn sports.

That’s it for this Summer. Next, we begin the usual weekend events for Autumn. First up is an event at Pleasant Valley Farms (aka Norray Farm) on Sunday, September 16. You can find the location on the Maps page, but there will be more info coming as things move along. For now, just mark your calendars.

After that, we hope to provide a big event (with smaller options) on Saturday, October 13 at Grafton Lakes SP and Pineridge XC and the space between. Again, there will be much more info coming, but mark the date on your calendars.

I hope to see you all in September.

-Phil H-T

Short Course

Castillo Family - DNF

Medium Course

1 Cynthia Johnson - 31:15
1 Sue Hawkes-Teeter - 31:15
3 Phil Hawkes-Teeter - 39:29

Long Course

1 Frank Boscoe - 23:00
2 Terry Allard - 30:14