The weather was threatening, but in the end pretty much nothing happened. No one stayed dry, but it was from sweat, not rain. It could not have been more humid! Still, a total of 14 persons ventured out into the mist, and all seemed to have a satisfying time of it.

Unlike last year, I made no big mistakes on control placements. There was a quibble about the last Middle/Long control, but everyone agreed it was certainly within the circle. I’ll have to look that over again sometime to see if I can understand the possible issue.

On the Long course, #3 and #12 proved most difficult. The former was because of some dense vegetation and the tight double loop of the trail, and thus knowing which loop you were on. The latter (which was also #9 on the Middle course) was because one path out of the significant trail junction was somewhat obscured by new vegetation, and thus caused recognition problems. But eventually everyone figured it all out.

My original 1-hour time limit proved to be too difficult, so I threw it out. The winners all beat that limit, but I think 90 minutes was a better limit, considering the heat/humidity and the difficulty in following some of the trails. Everyone topped that.

Thanks to all who attended, for making it worthwhile. Special thanks to those who picked up the controls: Cynthia, Frank, and Sue.

I hope we see everyone in two weeks at Washington Park, in Albany. The Central Park course maps are linked for your enjoyment and education.


All are around 1.4MB to download.

Following are the results.

-Phil H-T

Short Course

Ravi Sood              27:40
Kennerly Family        33.04

Medium Course

Garret & Logan Drake   48:27
Todd & Leigh Drake     50:27
Cynthia Johnson      1:05:08

Long Course

Frank Boscoe           43:20
Dylan Thies          1:06:24
Doug Swank           1:06:45
Sue Hawkes-Teeter    1:29:51