We had a fine time at Eric Hamilton’s “Hayes Park/North Moe Road” courses in Clifton Park. While the turnout wasn’t huge, we still had 20+ participants because there were several Teams. Also, there was a split on the longest course between those who competed on foot, and those who competed on a bicycle (MTBO).

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce the Splits for those who competed. I think this is due to not clearing the download box ahead of the event, and not having the course files to work with. But at least I am able to provide the final times and control sequences of each entry:

White Course

Philip Hawkes-Teeter   26:29
Greg Szczesny Team     49:42
Dorian Solot Team      67:23

Logan Turnock Group    30:33 MSP
Gerry & Carol Burre    47:31 DNF

Orange Course

Susan Hawkes-Teeter    44:29
Cynthia Johnson        46:05

Green Course on Foot

Doug Swank             35:50
Dylan Thies            59:09 

Green Course on Bike

Gabor Bobok            21:21
Marshall Miller Team   37:53
Tyler Koziol           46:37

On the White course, two teams had faster times, but either did not complete the course, or completed it out of order.

Director Eric Hamilton's meet notes, and thoughts after the event:

My impression was that this year’s event came off much better than last year’s event. The introductory WHITE course was entirely within a park setting, similar to the terrain and setting you
would navigate through at a regular foot or ski orienteering event. More advanced courses went into the neighborhoods with some real route choices, but participants had to take care in neighborhood traffic.

The start was at the Moe Road entrance to Hayes Park between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. There were three courses for regular (foot) orienteering or for bike O and even one for rollerski O. Participants
picked whatever course appealed, but were required to visit the controls in order and finish in under an hour. Courses and clue sheet were all on one sheet, 8.5 X11 inches.. 

WHITE: 6 controls,1.6 km.  This is entirely within Hayes Park. The map at 1:5000 scale.

ORANGE: 6 controls, 4.7 k, on a 1:10,000 scale map. This uses pocket parks within residential neighborhoods, so respect private property. There are more route choices, but at least one route choice on pavement, so this could be done on rollerskis, road or mountain bike, as well as on foot.

GREEN: 10 controls, 5.9 k, similar to orange, but ends up with controls in Hayes Park. This was my favorite, but I would have had to hustle to finish in under an hour. Weather was clear and sunny, a beautiful summer evening. Due to the recent hot, dry weather insects were out, but not a major nuisance.

Comparative split times are not available here, but each competitor was given his individual splits as (s)he downloaded the chip.

Many thanks to Tyler Koziol who designed and set the white course, Barb Hamilton for helping with registration, Phil Hawkes-Teeter for the electronic timing, and Cynthia Johnson and the Solot team
for helping pick up controls.

Next year it might be fun to try Kinns Road Park. Due to mature forest canopy, navigation would be similar to that of Hayes Park.