Despite a foggy start to the morning (after overnight rain!), the EmpO'Ringen, beginning at Margaret Burke WMA in Berne, attracted competitors from near and far. Though HVO's Jeremy Colgan was fastest overall on the courses, he registered a missing punch at Camp Pinnacle when he stopped to help a distressed orienteer then forgot to punch (finishing time was 36:29; he's listed with a sporting withdrawal).

Phil's recap of the day:

The results from the EMP-O-Ringen event are posted below. All in all, it came off pretty well, in part because the weather was much better than had been predicted up until a day or two before. And, because everyone who participated was understanding of the organizational difficulties, and they gave us break when things weren’t quite right. I think everyone ended up enjoying the experience.

Before going any further, I want to thank the EMPO members who helped out and made the event possible:
  • Janet Findlay and David Hunter for directing at Camp Pinnacle, and picking up most of the controls afterwards
  • Jason Edwards for directing at Cole Hill, and picking up all the controls afterwards
  • Cynthia Johnson for directing at Switzkill Farm, and picking up all but one control afterwards
  • Frank for picking up three remote controls at Pinnacle
  • Sue H-T for pre-running/vetting several venues, picking up whatever seemed to be missing, and keeping me sane
Also, thanks to CRNA (Russ Myer) and CNYO (Mark Dominie) for loaning some needed additional equipment.

I will also be sending Thanks to the venues, none of which charged us anything (2 state, 2 local, 1 private).

I have posted all the maps to my Dropbox. They are all PDFs. They won’t stay there forever, but for now, you can download any one or all of them at the following locations:

Margaret Burke WMA


Camp Pinnacle


Cole Hill SF


Switzkill Farm


Foxenkill Flats


Now, on to other things:

EMPO’s final event of the season will be held at Crandall Park/Coles Woods in Glens Falls/Queensbury on Saturday, June 16. Start times are the new normal 11-1. When I have more detailed course data, I will pass it along. While it is not a “new” map, in the sense that we have never held an event there, it is a totally revised map using new LIDAR data, and a lot of field traipsing around by me. So this should be a new experience to just about everyone.

Additionally, we are planning to hold our legally required Annual Meeting in the Park after most/all participants have completed their course. Bring a lunch and whatever sort of drinks you need to participate in such a meeting. There will be some serious issues to resolve:
  • EMPO Officers going forward
  • Mapping plans
  • Purchase plans
  • Membership / Event prices
I will send out a more detailed meeting outline as the date approaches.



Margaret Burke Camp Pinnacle
Cole Hill SF Switzkill Farm Foxenkill Flats Totals
Medium Courses

Frank Boscoe 38:13                   
David Hunter 40:03 45:00 42:41 47:10 33:57 3:28:51
Glen Tryson 52:48 33:59 38:22 38:58 49:16 3:33:23
Ken Walker, Sr. 46:10 46:49 45:28 44:14 38:01 3:40:42
Shayka/Vickers 51:37 38:36 43:55 52:50 41:05 3:48:03
Peter Dady (CNYO)
47:38 38:07 58:27 50:12 35:24 3:49:48
Dylan Thies 48:57 50:39 56:05 48:57 38:05 4:02:43
David Levine (BFLO)
1:00:45 43:27 1:05:20 51:37 47:43 4:28:52
Jeremy Colgan (HVO)
48:21 S.W.*
36:17 30:30 24:59 [2:56:36]
Susie DeWitt (WCOC)
Rick DeWitt (WCOC)
Don Winslow (ROC)
1:35:54 48:55 77:17

Cynthia Johnson 1:37:22

David Harnett 1:45:53 71:50 dnf
Janet Findlay


Short Courses

Janet Tryson 16:56 19:29 18:19 25:16 15:28 1:35:28
Russ & Becky Myer 37:55 42:04 37:30 50:51 27:57 3:17:17
Shawn Forney (CNYO)
1:06:26 44:27 39:51 53:58 32:02 3:56:44
Saichako mp dnf dnf
Don Winslow (ROC)

22:15 11:12
Janet Findlay