EMPO Members-

It was a beautiful evening to be outdoors on Tuesday, and a number of our members took advantage of the opportunity. We had 15 entries, which included 24 people, of whom 12 were children of various ages. This may have been the biggest turnout of kids we have had in a while! A possible reason is that in the summer (or August, at least) kids have fewer conflicts with their various sports and other programs. Everyone seemed to enjoy the concept of summer evening “O”, and we’ll keep those thoughts and the experience in mind for the future.

As to the event itself, it was not one of my Director highlights. I just didn’t have/spend quite enough time verifying control locations, and I forgot to bring the code key to the event. The latter (code key) didn’t really matter too much, except that I had to take several entrants' maps home with me to calculate the results. The control locations did matter, with #8 being off a bit, and #20 being very wrong. I don’t think #8 made a big difference in the results, but #20 certainly could have, depending upon how long anyone took trying to find it before bailing out. So, I humbly apologize, and will try in the future to do a bit more of what I usually do to check my course(s) and streamer them in advance, even for future summer/short events.

Thanks to all who attended. If you see something wrong in the results table, let me know. Thanks especially to those who helped out: Sue, Dorinda, Cynthia. There are still a couple markers out there, but I want to use them in re-working that part of the map before we try to use it again.

Next up, Will is directing our final summer evening event on the recent “Niskayuna” map, which covers the old Schenectady Museum/Lock Seven maps, plus more into Blatnick Park. This event will take place on Wednesday, August 30. Much more detail will be forth coming as the event approaches. Registration/Starts will be from the parking area near Lock Seven.

Also, we are still looking for someone to direct an event in September, probably on the 9th or 10th. Let Frank and me know if you can do it. Help will be available.

--Phil H-T

26 Control Markers

Entry Controls Points Time Penalty Score
Glen Tryson		20	155	57:53     0	  155
Janet Tryson		18	135	58:22	  0	  135
Frank Boscoe		17	130	60:16     5	  125
Tuuli Edwards		13	100	56:32	  0	  100
Dorinda Bryant		14	105	60:50	  5	  100
Will & Max Kennerly	10	 75	59:30	  0	   75
Andy Chillrud		10	 65	53:20	  0	   65
Eric Hamilton		 7	 60	59:25	  0	   60
Tyler Koziol		 6	 40	53:33	  0	   40
Sue Hawkes-Teeter	 7	 35	57:37	  0	   35
Todd Drake Family	 7	 50	62:16	 15	   35
Anya & the Tie-Dyes	 4	 20	56:16	  0	   20
Marshall & Short Ties	 4	 20	56:25	  0	   20
Jason & Edwards Family	 3	 15	31:00	  0	   15
Emmanuel & Silas	 3	 15	56:50	  0	   15