A third grade class from Berne-Knox-Westerlo Elementary School came to our EMPO World Orienteering Day at Pleasant Valley Farms. I wish I could express the excitement of the kids as they did a map hike of a white course and then challenged each other on a short sprint course using e-punch. The weather cooperated, the kids were great, the teachers want to continue with orienteering – a truly successful and rewarding day. In addition to this class, a homeschooled student did two challenging courses, a new adult enjoyed trying the sport for the first time, and some of our regulars liked having another opportunity to do some orienteering.

--Sue Hawkes-Teeter

Emma Zelenak     29:27
Eric Kuck              65:19

Emma Zelenak   139:09

Eric Hamilton      117:01

Frank Boscoe       59:03

Splits for the courses may be found on Attackpoint.org .