Thacher Park - September 21th, 2013

The Empire Orienteering Club celebrated National Orienteering week with an event at Thacher State Park near Voorheesville on September 21st. The weather was beautiful; sunny with the high temperatures in the mid-70s. We had about a dozen kids show up, including maybe six or seven Cub Scouts. Also on hand were a gent who traveled from Oneonta to participate, and a member of the
Quantico Orienteering Club (MD/VA area) who happened to be in our region. Total starts numbered around 27. The usual five courses were well received, and we had no complaints on any of the aspects of the event. Everything went smoothly except for a minor glitch in the SportIdent timing/recording. We were unable to get splits for the five courses, but we are able to report finish times for everyone, thanks to the yeoman work by Gabor Bobok. Registration was handled by Gabor and myself, and control pickup was completed by Gabor, Frank Boscoe and me. Thanks to all who came, and to the members who helped. Next event will be at Five Rivers in Delmar, November 2nd.
------Bob Lange.

Our SportIdent START box was not recording times for some odd reason at the event, therefore the results are showing elapsed time from the 1st control to the finish. Please also excuse the lack of splits, as the event software is not able to generate a report due to this glitch.

If you notice any problems with the results, please let me know. -Gabor

 Lorelei Benson42:25
 Jeff Bar47:28
 David Jenkins55:01
 Nick Duncan64:24
 Heather Dickson109:27

 Cynthia Johnson 49:15
 Bobok-Tonneau Group 53:33
 Dave Jenkins 55:40
 Logan Drake 76:44
 Garrett Drake 79:45

 Phil Friddle 78:29

 Frank Boscoe 43:13
 Bruce Shenker 57:53
 Tuuli Edwards 59:50
 Tim Van Vranken 69:49

 Todd Palmer 64:29
 Bruce Beesley 67:13
 Doug Swank 67:15
 Jason Edwards 71:37
 Dylan Thies 72:41
 Mitch Hansen 79:01