A few intrepid orienteers made their way to Camp Wakpominee where the U.S. Individual Orienteering Championship/Long Course was also being held with about 380 competitors in attendance. Those who took part in the recreational course were introduced to the new Camp Wakpominee map, and enjoyed a Yellow level course that wended its way around Sly Pond on the Scout Camp property.

Participants and times:

Name                   Category          Time   
Mauno Ahlgren           Group-2         0:26:56
Vladimir Denotkine      Group-2         0:30:04
Leonid Fichman          Group-2         0:30:50
Caroline Bauchard       Indiv./Female   0:37:56
Celine Miu              Group 2         0:59:54
Kevin Stone             Group-3         1:13:00

Thanks to Will Kennerly who set out and collected the controls and ran registration and timing for this course.