Garnet Hill New Year's Day Ski-O
Event director: Aims Coney

Ice, exposed rocks, and bare spots didn’t deter 13 skiers from coming out on New Year’s Day for the first ski-o of the year. Conditions at Garnet Hill were pretty awful, but in an almost snowless winter were probably still some of the best in the east. Earlier in the week when a few inches of heavy, wet snow fell on almost bare trails, the groomers had packed it and that paid off, allowing our ski-o to be held despite warmth and overnight rain. “At least it’s not as horrible as last year,” said more than one orienteer. Terrain was limited so everyone except under-16 and 70+ had the same course, an Orange length with two maps.

Doug Swank and Janet Findlay took home certificates for a free day’s skiing for being fastest male and female.   Brothers Tyler and Travis Koziol won nifty Garnet Hill pins for their 16 and under results.  Special mention to newcomer Terry Allard who demonstrated good humor about mis-punching on Yellow, his age group course, after burning it up in 15 minutes, then after a few minutes rest, completed the Orange course with aplomb.

Effusive thanks to Doug Swank and Frank Boscoe for picking up the three most distant controls. And a huge tip of the hat to Jay deJesus, Garnet Hill ski manager, for somehow keeping enough trails skiable to open for the day despite the lousy conditions so we could squeeze in our qualifier, and for donating the awards.


Skier Class Course start time finish time elapsed time
Janet Findlay F55+ Orange 11:30 AM 1:07 PM 1:37:00
Candice Raines F55+ Orange 11:52 AM 1:44 PM 1:52:18
Terry Myers Coney F55+ Orange 11:10 AM 1:18 PM 2:08:12
Ellie George F55+ Orange 11:27 AM 1:50 PM 2:23:02
Tyler Koziol M16- Yellow 12:08 PM 12:40 PM 0:32:45
Travis Koziol M16- Yellow 12:05 PM 12:41 PM 0:36:02
Terry Allard M16- Yellow 11:10 AM 11:25 AM MP
Terry Allard M18- Orange 11:50 AM 1:49 PM 1:59:32
Doug Swank M40+ Orange 11:34 AM 12:52 PM 1:18:58
David Hunter M40+ Orange 11:32 AM 12:58 PM 1:26:55
Frank Boscoe M40+ Orange 11:35 AM 1:07 PM 1:32:18
Steve Findlay M40+ Orange 11:28 AM 2:02 PM 2:34:38
Eric Hamilton M55+ Orange 12:01 PM 1:50 PM 1:49:41
Thayer Raines M55+ Orange 11:47 AM 1:57 PM 2:10:46