Grafton Lakes State Park
September 21, 2008

EMPO's National Orienteering Day Event

A lovely late summer day encouraged many EMPO members to attend our event at Grafton, and a few newcomers as well, including Boy Scout Troop 502 from Troy who sent out two groups on the Yellow course and one on Orange. Since USOF was unable to supply sponsor goodies for raffle prizes, EMPO donated a compass, which was won by Jessica Tremper who completed the White course with her mom.

Course design by EMPO veteran Glen Tryson encouraged a few members of neighboring clubs to visit too (plus the fact that Grafton is our farthest-east mapped park), increasing the typical competition on the Red course. The advanced courses included a variety of challenges including long route-choice legs through the varied terrain, and shorter legs with quick changes of direction. We hope everyone had a good time!

Special thanks to Frank Boscoe, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, and Stuart Poole who helped Janet and Glen pick up controls after the event.
1.57 km, 8 controls
Joanna Tremper group31:15
Marge/Sean/Evan Calyer44:48
3.1 km, 8 controls
Brian Magne/Erik Nyström55:24
James/Jacob Tremper62:33
Alan Dunlavey (group)65:12
Frank Boscoe family75:55
Troop 502/Jeff Deal group97:12
Troop 502/M. Backhaus group102:55
4.34 km, 8 controls
Bob Goodwin63:50
Tom Forbes89:05
BSA/J. Pasanen group116:10
Omar/Hassan Beesley group124:26
3.85 km, 7 controls
Heather Williams56:38
5.04 km, 13 controls
Pat Dunlavey54:40
Tori Borish63:35
Phil Hawkes-Teeter70:40
John-Eric Nelson (WCOC)78:10
Robert Lange87:31
Bruce Shenker115:48
Stuart Poole121:17
7.50 km, 17 controls
Phil Bricker (NEOC)72:35
Peter Gagarin (CSU)82:23
Dmitri Soloviev91:35
Charlie DeWeese (WCOC)97:50
Gabor Bobok99:09
Dylan Thies102:51
Doug Swank106:26
Jeremiah Reiner148:59
Dorinda Hamilton150:04

italics = female competitor(s)