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US Champs Results and US Team announcement

posted May 13, 2013, 2:15 PM by J N   [ updated May 17, 2013, 7:07 AM ]
updated May 17, 2013

Our latest A meet is now "in the books" and results have been posted on the US Champs website along with the announcement of the US Team to the World Orienteering Championships in Finland later this year.

While we could have wished the weather was a bit nicer on the day at Moreau Lake State Park, it was a great weekend for an A meet. The Sprint day at Wakpominee was warm but courses were short; the Middle day (Moreau) was rainy but warm enough that it wasn't too uncomfortable; and the Long day was cooler, which happened to be great running weather.

I may get some of this wrong because I'm just relying on memory -- please correct any mistakes by sending us a note...

  • Valerie Meyer from Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC) in Virginia was our Results leader and the brain behind the fabulous results display; Sandy Fillebrown from Delaware Valley (DVOA, Pennsylvania), Pete Bundschuh (UNO) and Amy Loudon (also QOC) were her able assistants on the SportIdent timing. Tom and Trish Strat (also from QOC) assisted in the display set--up and take-down.
  • Linda Kohn and Rick Worner from Rochester (ROC) led the Start crew with help from Lex Bundschuh from Up North Orienteers (UNO) in New Hampshire, Kris Beecroft from Rocky Mountain O Club, Ed Niemann from DVOA, Vlad Gusiatnikov (BAOC? and GetLost!!), and Glen Schorr (QOC/OUSA).
  • The Finish crew was led by Craig Weber from Hudson Valley Orienteering (HVO) and included his fellow club members George Hawes and Paul Regan, with help from John and Marcy Beard who are local adventure racers but not (yet?!) EMPO members.
  • Another HVOer, Betsy Hawes, was in charge of the String O course for the very-young folk on Sunday, but I'm not sure she had many customers.
After their race on Saturday (at Moreau, in the rain!), four of the elite women volunteered to help with control pick-up to get in a bit more training: Ali Crocker, Alex Jospe, Hannah Culberg, and Tereza Novotna, a visiting orienteer from the Czech Republic.

Mark Dominie (CNYO) made all the maps (Moreau in 2010, and Camp Wakpominee in 2012), provided equipment for the Sprint and Long Course control sites and finish line streamering, and with help from his wife Barb directed Long course setting/pickup. Valerie loaned us more control flags/punches/stands to supplement EMPO's small supply for the Middle race.

Peter Gagarin of Cambridge Sports Union (CSU, Massachusetts), past US Team member and many-time US Champion, graciously agreed to do announcements for awards (keeping things moving along as prizes and medals were handed out) and the naming of the US Team and providing a little extra history for those assembled.

Many thanks to you all!

Volunteers from EMPO:

T-shirt and award bag event logo designs: Bob Lange
Parking director: Russ Myer with help from his wife Becky and friends
Babysitting: Tuuli and Jason Edwards, Nancy Allen, and Tom Carrubba
Clothing transport and Start breakdown (Sunday): David Hunter
Sunday's recreational course: Will Kennerly
Medical: Candi and Thayer Raines and Cynthia Johnson took care of a number of injuries but nothing too serious
Refreshments, Dinner Cruise organizer and Hospitality: Sue Hawkes-Teeter with assistance from Shelly Nugent Jameson and Nancy Allen
Course site vetters and control setting/wake-up/pick-up: Frank Boscoe, Gabor Bobok, Bill Jameson, Doug Swank, Brenan Tarrier
Course designers: Glen Tryson (Sprint and Middle) and Mark Dominie (Long)
Registrar and website: Janet Tryson, with registration assistance from Janet Findlay, who also worked at the Start on Sunday
Meet director: Phil Hawkes-Teeter

The National Trail Orienteering Championship had a separate crew that worked to put on a fine event at Moreau; results from the event are unavailable at this time. Those involved were Meet Director Donna Fluegel (Western Connecticut O Club) and assistant director Stephen Fluegel; Course Designer/Setter Peter Goodwin from UNO; and Registrar Frank Kuhn, Florida Orienteering. They had about 45-50 championship competitors, and 18 recreational competitors, most of whom who were trying out the challenge of Trail O for the first time.  Answers to the Trail O puzzles are posted on the US Champs website (see Files).

As you can see, it takes a LOT of people to present a successful event!