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Pineridge "snow-less ski-o" update

posted Feb 17, 2012, 6:15 AM by J N
EMPO Members and Interested Folks-
I have placed all of the controls for Saturday’s event, February 18, 2012. Two controls had to be eliminated because a significant bridge is now out, and the weather is so iffy that we do not want to have folks trying to cross the underlying marsh. So, the longest Ski-O courses will be somewhat shorter.
However, I am not expecting that this will be a Ski-O. It was snowing hard when I finished up around 4:00pm Thursday, but there was only a little accumulation, and the forecast is for rising temperatures. This snow (and possibly rain later) will make things a bit more wet than before, but the ground was quite dry as I hung the flags.
So, we are ON! The event rules are still up in the air due to the questionable snowfall. Bring some rock skis or snowshoes in case there is more snow than is now predicted. But even if you only come with boots/sneakers, that will be allowed (just try to stay on the sides of the trails). I’ll try to get an update out tomorrow (Friday) if there is any change regarding the viability of skis.
The “Event Center” is the Pineridge XC lodge, and we will try to be ready to handle the influx of excited folks a bit before the official Registration/Start time of 10:00am, until Noon. We will be able to accept credit cards (assuming I can get a Verizon connection, which I confess I did not test), as well as cash. Checks are nice too. The courses will close at 2:00pm. You can potentially ski or run/walk/wander around later, but we need to close out our books (and responsibilities) in good time.
As usual, if you have questions, send me an e-mail. Since I won’t be driving out to Pineridge on Friday, I should be able to make a timely response.
-Phil H-T
J N,
Feb 17, 2012, 5:21 PM