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Meet notes for Vischer Ferry, May 14, 2016

posted May 11, 2016, 2:13 PM by J N
This weekend's orienteering at Vischer Ferry Preserve is a part of the the Town of Clifton Park's Open Space Celebrations.  The white course will be free to all in exchange for the Town printing the maps.  Regular local meet pricing for other courses ($5 members/$10 non-members of EMPO).  Register anytime between 10 and 12 noon at the Main entrance to the preserve, at the intersection of Riverview Road and Van Vranken Road.

Due to the nature of the Preserve there will not be a long advanced course.

White (beginner) - 2.3 km with 6 controls
Orange (intermediate skill level) - 3.4 km w/ 8 controls
Brown (advanced-short) will be about 5 km
Green (advanced-medium) 6+ km

I have set it up so we will use classic cardboard punch cards, and control description sheet on the back edge of the respective maps.

Although the water levels appear to be high in the preserve, the level in the Mohawk is low for this time in the navigation season.  [I don't understand why.]  Depressions that are usually dry have water in them and you might make a route decision to favor avoiding a low spot(s).  Things may dry out as the week progresses.  Vegetation is just starting to come out, but the sunlight may accelerate development this week.

If you would like to participate in some of the other Open Space events, see document attached below.  If you finish early enough, you are certainly welcome at the Grooms Tavern celebrations and any other event.  I will have information on the Mohawk Towpath Byway (which in Clifton Park is Riverview Road).

J N,
May 11, 2016, 2:13 PM