Meeting called to order by Phil Hawkes-Teeter at 1:16 PM at Norray Farms, Berne, NY.

Attending: Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Glen & Janet Tryson, Frank Boscoe, Eric Hamilton, Cynthia Johnson, and Fred Pilon.

Elections: Phil Hawkes Teeter opened the floor for nominations. Glen Tryson moved that we re-elect the incumbent officers, Eric Hamilton second, carried. Phil Hawkes-Teeter remains President; Frank Boscoe, Vice President; Janet Tryson, Treasurer; Eric Hamilton, Secretary. No changes or additions are needed for Committees and Coordinators.

Treasurer's Report: Janet Tryson reported a balance of $18,951.84. It was consensus that there is no pressing need to revise entry fees, map fees, or any other fees. Eric Hamilton offered to write a thank you letter to the known members of AOK for their donation of their treasury as the club dissolved. Sue Hawkes-Teeter moved the report be accepted, Glen Tryson second, carried.

Fall Schedule: Frank Boscoe will circulate the fall schedule now that it is close to being final. He will also prepare and make the schedule available in shops like EMS.

Colonie Resident: We need a local resident to request the Colonie Mohawk River Park for the fall meet.

Winter Schedule: Eric Hamilton will approach Lapland Lake about a season opener before Christmas if conditions permit. Phil Hawkes-Teeter will do a meet at Partridge Run.

Publicity: Meet directors are encouraged to and need to publicize their meet at least in local papers.

Equipment Purchases: We will be purchasing another using OCAD 11 license, thanks to a match by the Beesley family. Consensus is that we need additional SI boxes. The executive committee will decide on quantity based on pricing and price breaks. Glen Tryson recommended we purchase a splits printer so that splits could be printed right from sticks eliminating the need for a computer on site. This was also deferred to the executive committee.

Staffing Needs: Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Gabor Bobok are the only club members who can run the SI software. The only requirement is that you have a laptop computer to run the software, and bring to an event. Phil Hawkes-Teeter will continue recruiting additional members to volunteer.

Mapping Plans:
Local maps - Phil Hawkes-Teeter thanked Bill Jameson for the new map of pocket parks in Southern Clifton Park used for the meet this spring. His catalog of maps is below. He will be working on the Schenectady Central Park during the summer. He cannot work on Partridge Run during the summer.

Meet maps - Phil Hawkes-Teeter will ask mapper Mark Dominie for a cost to redraw the Grafton Lake State Park map when doing the Pineridge map. LiDAR is publicly available in most areas. The next logical, sizable map would be Saratoga Battlefield, a possible A meet site.

A Meet: We have a sanction for Pine Ridge on October 3 - 4, 2015. Phil Hawkes-Teeter reports he has an agreement with the property owner and another with a timer. We need an agreement with the mapper. We will need to rent a tent to avoid costly busing. Staffing was discussed but no assignments made.

Adjournment: Motion by Sue Hawkes-Teeter; second by Janet Tryson; carried just after 2:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Eric Hamilton

EMPO maps past / present / future