Empire Orienteering Club Annual Meeting
June 29, 2013

Meeting called to order by Phil Hawkes-Teeter.

Attending: Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Glen & Janet Tryson, Frank Boscoe, Will Kennerly, Jason & Tuuli Edwards, Russ Myer, Gabor Bobok.

Nominations from the floor for Club Officers (acting as "Nominating Committee").
All existing Officers were willing to continue for at least another year; there were no additional nominations; a motion was made and seconded to nominate the existing Officers.
Officer Elections: Phil Hawkes Teeter, President; Frank Boscoe, Vice President; Janet Tryson, Treasurer, Eric Hamilton, Secretary were re-elected by acclamation

Committees and Coordinators: No changes or additions

Treasurer's Report
Copy below. EMPO is solvent. The club did not in the end make money directly from our U.S. Champs event. But, we have a new map, and the data (LIDAR) to create a couple more maps for future events.

Dues, entry fees: No changes

Financial arrangement with CRNA
Summary of discussion: Capital Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA) has an application for 501c3 status pending with the IRS. It is unknown when a determination will be made. In the interim, CRNA has asked that EMPO (being a member organization within CRNA) act as a fiscal agent for CRNA, taking advantage of EMPO’s existing 501c3 status. A for-mal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was developed by an accountant working for CRNA to set this up. While deemed acceptable by those EMPO Officers who voiced an opinion, it was not considered to be a good idea by Orienteering USA (EMPO’s governing body), due to ques-tions of potential liability. As a means to achieving the same end without entering into a formal agreement, it was proposed that EMPO act informally, and accept and disburse monies for CRNA, keeping separate track of such monies. In this way, all risk is on CRNA, as EMPO will have no legal obligation to return any monies taken in on their behalf. Any contracts or agreements which would be signed to accept payments for events run by CRNA, but contracted through EMPO, will be reviewed by the EMPO Officers before approval. While this will perhaps sometimes involve EMPO in supporting events beyond its own 501c3 mission (education), it will not hamper that, and may often further it, as the CRNA focus on the disabled and under-privileged will provide new educational opportunities.

Motion was made and seconded to approve going forward with an informal arrangement with CRNA to accept and disburse monies, and occasionally enter into agreements or contracts for events, allowing CRNA the benefit of EMPO’s 501c3 status, until such time as CRNA’s applica-tion is acted upon by the IRS. The motion was approved unanimously.

Fall Schedule
  • August 24 - Cole Hill will be considered a part of the Fall schedule, so we will be fulfilling our current goal with that and the following events
  • September 21-22 (tentative - though possibly 9/28-29 which would conflict with BFLO Rogaine); Bob Lange as Director. Tawasentha and Thacher as tentative locations were mentioned, but either or both could be the Columbus Day meet.
  • Club Champs - November 9-10 - one possibility is Phil (or someone else) directing at Wakpominee; Phil will follow-up with the Scouts to see if that’s a possibility.
  • Scout-O - Initial discussion considered Wakpominee, but in the end it was decided to let Scouts come to a possible Club Champs, rather than try to hold an all-day event for them there. Gabor will look into other dates and locations.
Junior Plans
Jason & Tuuli Edwards reported on the Juniors: The discussion was focused upon what to do to help further the orienteering skills of Middle School and High School age youth who already ap-pear at some events. EMPO has very few, right now.
One possibility would be having some folks named as “Junior Leaders” who would commit to go-ing over their courses with any Juniors who attend. Phil will send a message to membership ask-ing for volunteers for that activity, and solicit further, better ideas. It was noted that with CRNA’s planned orienteering events in July involving Police Athletic League youth, there may be an op-portunity to get some kids involved in orienteering who are not heavily involved in other activities. It was noted that transportation could be a problem with such a group. Coupons for free entry at EMPO events were mentioned as a possible enticement.
There was general agreement that EMPO should offer string O courses more consistently, but this can’t be just another task for the local Meet Director. EMPO needs one or two people to take this on as a relatively consistent task (it’ll get you out having to be a Meet Director!). We have the equipment. Phil will canvass the membership for a volunteer (or two).

Course Labeling
Will Kennerly reported on his experience with someone who had completed what was considered a Green/Red course at an earlier meet on a simpler map & environment, and then was totally lost on a more difficult course. He pointed out that we need to be more consistent in describing courses on some of our easier maps as being lower level difficulty (Yellow or Orange), no matter their length.

Winter Schedule
• December 21 - Lapland Lake proposed, Eric Hamilton hosting.
• Pineridge - Phil Hawkes-Teeter will not do a Ski-O there this year after two years of mixed success, but he offered to help with negotiations with Walter Kirsch, owner, if someone else directs.
• Partridge Run - Phil Hawkes-Teeter plans to hold a Ski-O & Snowshoe-O here sometime this winter, on a new version of the map.

Possible Equipment Purchases & Distribution
Janet Findlay and David Hunter have been producing EMPO-usable maps of Paul Smith's College & Mt. VanHoevenberg using OCAD 8. New copies of OCAD 11 are now up to over $600, and EMPO cannot expect potential mappers to invest that amount of money up-front.
Motion was made and seconded that EMPO subsidize EMPO members who will produce maps for EMPO’s free use in the amount of $300 for a purchase of OCAD 11. This motion was approved unanimously.

EMPO (feather) Flag Not discussed.

Staffing Needs
At this time Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Gabor Bobok are the only club members who can run the S I software. At times neither are available. Russ Myer will take this up with a more technical CRNA member. The only requirement is that you have a laptop computer to run the software, and can bring to an event. Phil Hawkes-Teeter will again try to recruit folks in his general recruitment e-mail.

Mapping Plans
Local maps - Phil Hawkes-Teeter distributed a listing of maps in the club’s library. No further discussion.
A Meet maps - Phil Hawkes-Teeter reported that EMPO already has paid for and owns LIDAR files for both Pineridge and Grafton Lakes. The viability of the Pineridge for an A Meet was questioned, due to the relatively dense trail network. No final decision was made, but there seems to be in-terest for EMPO’s next A Meet (no Championships!) at Pineridge in Fall 2015. No buses would be required, but a large tent would be required, as there is insufficient indoor space for even 150 persons.

A Meet Follow-up
Discussion followed on the problems/expenses of the buses at Wakpominee. No particular resolution, but the pursuit of decent bus pricing and arrangements should be a specific task, assigned relatively early in the meet planning process.

Next A Meet
A tentative Autumn 2015 date was discussed. It will not be a Championship bid! Some jobs will need to change, both for learning and continuity. Phil Hawkes-Teeter declined Director, but is will-ing to support anyone else, and handle the dealings with the venue.

Closing Discussion

Motion made and seconded. Approved by acclamation at approximately 3:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Acting Secretary


Account Balance
August 17, 2012 – June 29, 2013

 Credits  Income from events & memberships  $33,861.65
      From US Champs: $33,040.40  
      58 members* to date in 2013, $330.00  
      Other event income: $491.25  
   Contributions  328.00
   Misc. income  2,034.35
      Total Credits $36,224.00
 Debits  USOF Chartering Fees** $754.50
   P.O. Box rental (Sept. renewal) 52.00
   SportIdent expenses (repair) 80.00
   Mapping expenses (Wakpominee) 4,372.00
   US Champs A-meet expenses 19,785.27
   EMPO Club Shirts 1,738.87
   Misc. expenses 1,113.60
      Total Debits $27,896.24
 NET   $8,327.76
   Checking account balance, as of:
   July 31, 2013 $13,389.69 
   July 31, 2012 $5,061.93

Account Balance report shows activity since the last treasurer’s report. Contact the treasurer for copies of previous reports.

* EMPO welcomes these new members in 2013:
Terry Allard, Michael Bruhn, Jill & Nate Koziol, Todd Palmer & Jessica Mokhiber, Dan Westenberg

**Based on 430 starts @ $1.00, $20 fee, and 87 members @$3.50

Submitted by:
Janet N. Tryson, Treasurer
Empire Orienteering Club
June 29, 2013