Annual Meeting - Thursday, August 16, 2012
Smittyʼs Tavern, Voorhesville, NY

Meeting called to order at 6:15 PM by President Phil Hawkes-Teeter.

Present was a quorum of President Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Vice President Frank Boscoe, Treasurer Janet Tryson, Secretary Eric Hamilton, Gabor Bobok, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Bill Jameson, Michelle
Jameson, Cynthia Johnson, William Kennerly, Dylan Thies, and Glen Tryson.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter opened the floor for nominations. Glen Tryson moved that the current officers continue for another year; Gabor Bobok second; motion passed unanimously.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter reviewed committees:
  • Mapping - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • Equipment - Glen Tryson
  • Publicity - Bob Lange
  • Scouts - Gabor Bobok
  • Ski Orienteering - Eric Hamilton
  • Webmaster - Janet Tryson
  • Schedule - Frank Boscoe
  • SportIdent (SI) - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • O-in-Schools - Sue Hawkes-Teeter
  • Newsletter - Defunct
Visiting Orienteer - Phil Hawkes-Teeter pointed out that we have an orienteer from Finland going to college in this area, Mauno Ahlgren (information from Janet Tryson). Make him feel welcome if he is at one or more of our local meets.

Treasurerʼs Report:
Janet Tryson reported that we have a July 31 balance of $5,061.93. Eric Hamilton moved, Glen Tryson second that we accept the treasurerʼs report, carried.

Minutes of the June 11, 2011 annual meeting were accepted as posted on a motion by Glen Tryson, second by Gabor Bobok, carried.

Bylaws Discussion:
The discrepancy within the Bylaws as to what constituted a quorum for the Annual Meeting was discussed [specific number of 5 vs. 10% of the membership]. Janet Tryson moved, Susan Hawkes-
Teeter second that the bylaws be revised to be consistent at 10% of the membership, carried unanimously.

Annual Dues and Entry Fees:
Consensus was that club dues and local meet fees should remain the same.

Fall Schedule:
  • Sept 16 - National Orienteering Day, Colonie Mohawk River Park (new area added), Frank Boscoe
  • Sept 29 - Garnet Hill CRNA festival (2 hr score O format), Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • Oct 8 (Monday) - Dwaas Kill & Kinns Road Park, Clifton Park, Bill Jameson
  • Oct 14 - Cole Hill, East Berne, Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • tentative... Oct 27? - Tawasentha - Scout O - Gabor Bobok
  • Nov 3 - Club Champs at Woods Hollow, Milton - Bob Lange
  • Frank Boscoe noted that all of these are on a new map (or updated version). Should be an exciting fall!
Winter Schedule:
  • Dec 17 - Lapland Lake, Benson - Eric Hamilton
  • Late January, 2013 - Pine Ridge, Poestenkill - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • Feb 9, 2013 - Empire State Games - Paul Smiths or Saranac Lake
  • Mar. 2-3, 2013 - NYSSRA Nordic Championships ...location TBA
Spring “A” Meet:
May 10 - 12, 2013 - A meet Middle course at Moreau S.P. on Saturday; Sprint and Long courses at Wakpominee, Fort Ann, on Friday and Sunday respectively. Peter Goodwin will likely do the U S Trail O Championships at Moreau. Issues being worked on presently:
  • Parking cannot be done at Wakpominee.
  • Keep camping out of the registration structure. Reserve at Moreau through the state system.
  • Finishes: HVO may be a possibility
  • EMT: Cynthia Johnson, Thayer and Candice Raines
  • Tee shirts: Russ Myer
  • Awards: any suggestions are welcome
  • Pricing: Consensus is that $30 advanced registration until February 2, 2013. $40 regular and $50 late fee, all US$. Janet will look into what ROC did last year for a discount for all three events.
  • Recreation: Fewer than 20 are expected, Will Kennerly will take care of no more than WYO courses.
Phil Hawkes-Teeter said that once we have Camp Wakpominee map complete the next logical map will be Pine Ridge, Poestenkill. A number of local maps were discussed.

Equipment Purchases:
Phil Hawkes-Teeter recommended that anyone who would be doing serious mapping project should be on OCAD10 or 11. He will work on getting a license for Frank Boscoe and Will Kennerly.
A countdown clock was discussed. Dylan Thies said he might be able to obtain components if someone wanted to build one. Consensus was that we borrow DVOAʼs for the A meet.
We also discussed an upgrade for the OE2010 licence to allow more than 500 participants. No action was taken.

Bill Jameson moved, Frank Boscoe second that we purchase a new banner (feather) flag, carried. Ideas for the design of the flag will be accepted until the Club Championships on November 3.

Staffing Needs:
We need more SI managers trained for local meets. Frank Boscoe volunteered and suggested Gabor Bobok and Phil Hawkes-Teeter provide a training opportunity with the software before one
(or more) of the local meets. Phil and Gabor agreed.

Local Map to Sprint Standards:
Dylan Thies offered to work on one of the local maps to bring it up to sprint standards.

New Club Tee Shirts:
Janet Tryson will look into getting new Scarborough tee shirts. There is a minimun order of 12 for $59 each. It was the consensus that the club would provide a subsidy so the shirts would be $50
each. Long sleeve shirts would be $10 more. Janet will let us know details by e-mail.

Being no further business Bill Jameson moved to adjourn, Glen Tryson second, carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric J. Hamilton