EMPO Annual Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2011

Meeting called to order at 2:58 PM by President Phil Hawkes-Teeter.

Present was a quorum of President Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Vice President Frank Boscoe, Treasurer Janet Tryson, Secretary Eric Hamilton, Gabor Bobok, Brenan Tarrier, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Robert M. Lange, Russ Myer, Doug Swank, and Glen Tryson. 

Phil Hawkes-Teeter opened the floor for nominations.  Glen Tryson moved that the current officers continue for another year; Brenan Tarrier second; after additional discussion the motion passed unanimously.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter reviewed other positions:

  •     Scouting - Gabor Bobok, with help from Bill Jameson as available
  •     Publicity - Bob Lange
  •     Newsletter - Frank Boscoe [tentative]

Treasurer’s Report:
Janet Tryson reported that we have a balance of $14,563.00.  Frank Boscoe moved, Eric Hamilton second, that we accept the treasurer’s report, carried.

Minutes of the August 5, 2010 annual meeting were accepted as posted on the EMPO Group file sharing site on a motion by Glen Tryson, second by Gabor Bobok, carried.

Annual Dues:
Discussion centered around easy of collecting dues at meets; how our memberships are significantly lower than other athletic groups; and eliminate the couple category.  Frank Boscoe moved that effective January 1, 2012 annual dues will be $15 for individual; $20 for family; and $5 for students below the college graduate level.  Bob Lange second; carried unanimously.

Meet Fees:
Bob Lange moved, Gabor second, that local meet entry fees be $5 for members; $10 for non-members effective January 1, 2012.  Gabor second and discussion followed.  Motion carried with a vote of 7 yes, 4 nay.  Stick and compass rental, and map fees would all remain the same.  Family Maximums will continue to be 2.5 times the entry fee, with exact amounts to be determined by rounding to an easy to deal with number. Entry fee for the white course would remain as always $5.

Loans to other clubs:
Phil Hawkes-Teeter said that there had been some discussion on-line about clubs loaning SI equipment to other clubs.  It is generally thought that we don’t have a large enough inventory to be attractive to other organizations.  We will loan to other orienteering clubs with no charge other than the borrowing club will pay any shipping costs.  Eric Hamilton noted that the Empire State Games had paid us $200 two years ago for S I equipment rentals for ski orienteering.

Fall Schedule:
Sept 10 - Pine Ridge (white course only) - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Sept 17 - National Orienteering Day at Kinns Road Park - Trysons
Oct 10 at Grafton Lakes S P - Bruce Beesley [Date tentative depending upon review of A Meet schedule]
TBA - Scout O (white and yellow only) – Gabor Bobok
Early November - Club Champs at Cole Hill: Score-O/Mini-Rogaine – Phil Hawkes-Teeter

Winter Schedule:
Before Christmas - Lapland Lake - Eric Hamilton and Gabor Bobok
TBA - Pine Ridge - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
First February Weekend - Empire State Games - Paul Smiths or Saranac Lake
NYSSRA Champs - Mt Van Hoevenberg

Spring Schedule:
Glen Tryson is coordinating the Billygoat, which will be held at Moreau Lake State Park, most likely in early May. This project will require significant assistance by many club members.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter reviewed mapping priorities.  Our next major expense will be LIDAR in the Fall, for several A-Meet and local maps. We have received quotes from Kucera International to perform this task, and only need to decide upon what to include given the prices they quoted. Potential “A Meet” maps are Camp Wakpominee, Grafton Lakes State Park, and Pine Ridge XC Area; potential local event maps are Cole Hill State Forest, Partridge Run State Game Management Area, Norray Farm, and Pittstown State Forest (some of these could perhaps move to “A Meet” status eventually). Landis Arboretum will not be pursued at this time. Just dropping Landis leaves a price of ~$10,000. We could further reduce the cost by dropping either Pittstown or Norray Farm, but those prices have not as yet been broken out by Kucera. When we receive those prices, a final decision will be made by the Officers.

Equipment Purchases:
Phil Hawkes-Teeter recommended that anyone who would be doing a serious mapping project should obtain another OCAD10 license at about $500 depending on the Euro exchange rate.  Depending upon the project, the Club could contribute or outright buy it; however, it was noted that any individual making such a purchase through the Club would get a substantial tax deduction due to our 501(c)(3) status. For course setting the OCAD8 version is acceptable.  Even Purple Pen, freeware, can do a good job with little experience necessary. Purchasing a start clock for “A Meets” was discussed, but no action taken.

Being no further business Eric Hamilton moved to adjourn, Janet Tryson second, carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric J. Hamilton