EMPO Annual Meeting Minutes
July 14, 2009

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM.

Present was a quorum of President Gabor Bobok, Treasurer Janet Tryson, Secretary Eric Hamilton, Frank Boscoe, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, William Kennerly, Robert M. Lange, Dmitri Soloviev, and Glen Tryson.

Elections: Janet Tryson nominated Phil Hawkes-Teeter for President, Gabor Bobok as Vice Pres., and Eric Hamilton as Secretary. Eric Hamilton nominated Janet Tryson for Treasurer. Phil Hawkes-Teeter canvassed others present. Frank Boscoe indicated he would be willing to serve as an officer. Gabor Bobok volunteered to be scout coordinator and withdrew his nomination as vice president and nominated Frank Boscoe. Bob Lange seconded all nominations. The vote to accept the slate of officers was unanimous.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter reviewed other positions:

  • Publicity - Reid Smalley
  • Equipment - Glen Tryson
  • O in Schools - Sue Hawkes-Teeter
  • Newsletter - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • Map Library - Phil Hawkes-Teeter
  • Ski O - Eric Hamilton

Treasurer's - Janet Tryson reported that we have a balance of $10,165.73 down $432.15 from last year. Frank Boscoe moved, Phil Hawkes-Teeter second that we accept the treasurer's report, carried.

Moreau State Park Map: Phil Hawkes-Teeter reported that Mark Dominie will be doing the field checking and drafting as soon as he completes the map for the September A meet in Rochester.

Janet Tryson noted that we are exempt from N Y State Sales and Use Taxes. Eric Hamilton promised to circulate the tax exempt certificate with the minutes. [Note that we are also registered with the N Y S Dept of Law, Charities Registration Bureau.]

We reviewed our dues and fees: $18 family membership; $14 couple; $10 individual and $6 student. Entry fees are $5 for members; $8 for non-members. SI stick rental is $2. Consensus was that there was no need to change these.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter noted that sponsorships will be small until we calendar an A meet.

Will Kennerly agreed to host a local meet in 2010 with help from others. Dimitri Soloviev also volunteered.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Janet Tryson reported that four SI units were donated to the club: Candice & Thayer Raines, Cathleen Crowley & Greg Denbeaux, Bruce Beesley & Rubia Khalak, and Stuart & Amy Poole. Aims Coney donated mounting plates and other SI equipment.

Club Mapping Software: Phil had two club OCAD 9 media. Dimitri Soloviev borrowed the full version of OCAD 9. Eric Hamilton borrowed the OCAD 9 course setter's version.

Phil also reviewed status of other maps:

  • Partridge Run - Phil working on as time permits.
  • Norray Farm - ditto, but he has not decided on 1:7,500 or 1:10,000
  • Lisha Kill Preserve - a small map that Gabor Bobok is working on.
  • Dippikill Adventure Course - Frank Boscoe is working on a white course for Dec event.
  • Dwasskill Preserve - Eric Hamilton is evaluating as an extension of Kinns Park map
  • Vischer Ferry Preserve - Eric evaluating an update.

We also discussed training: skills for adult new members orange or above; Sue and Dimitri to work on a Junior Camp; Dylan Thies has offered to do a weekly training session with club members.

Eric Hamilton reported that the first Ski Orienteering will be at Lapland Lake with Gabor Bobok's help on December 19. He also noted that he will need help with white and perhaps a yellow demonstration course on March 6, 2010, and the NYSSRA - Nordic Championships the following weekend.

Being no further business William Kennerly moved to adjourn, Glen Tryson second, carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric J. Hamilton, Secretary