EMPO Annual Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2008

EMPO President Gabor Bobok called the meeting to order at about 12:50 noting there was a quorum present, including Treasurer Janet Tryson, members Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Glen Tryson, Dmitri Soloviev, Robert Lange, Frank Boscoe, Kathy Fisher, Cynthia Johnson, Meghan Sharp, and Doug Swank.

The Treasurer's report was circulated including a balance sheet for the past year. Janet Tryson reports that there is currently $10,597.88 in the checking account, and in the past year there was a net income of $294.73.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter reported for the SportIdent committee that we have a total of 22 usable SI control boxes, plus one each for clear, start, and finish. We also have two master stations, one of which could be programmed as a control box (or any other function) if needed. A proposal was made to start charging a rental fee for the SI sticks that have been free to borrow up until now, as a way to encourage participants to purchase their own. The question was raised as to whether pin-punching could be optional on courses with e-punch. It was decided to leave pin-punching as optional on only the White/Yellow courses, with intermediate/advanced courses using SI not given an option (i.e., those participants would have to pay the rental to do those courses or use their own punch). Glen moved the rental fee be set $1.00, Phil second, carried. In addition, the SI stick waiver sheet will be updated to reflect acknowledgment of replacement cost of $40 (up from $35), reflecting an increase in costs from vendors.

Phil reported on the progress of the updated Moreau base map, saying the photogrammetry is about two-thirds complete (being done by a company in Scotland). He also says Mark Dominie might be available to field-check this fall or next spring. Phil is also making progress on a map where the Helderberg summer workshop is held. Janet reported she has about half of the Schenectady Central Park map drawn into OCAD 8 from a 1992 basemap.

For the fall event schedule, Phil reported he's planning to do a mini-Rogaine at Partridge Run on Saturday, September 6. Glen and Janet will run the NOD meet on Sunday, September 21 at Grafton Lakes. Bruce Beesley and Frank Boscoe will cooperate on an event in October, date not yet set. Grant Staats, EMPO VP, still plans to direct the club champs event at Thacher/Pinnacle in November. No one has stepped forth yet to direct a Scout-O event, but several weekends in October and November are available. Janet noted a new EMPO Meet Director's Guide is available for prospective meet directors or anyone wondering what might be involved. Contact a club officer for a copy.

Frank Boscoe reported he's also a member of the Albany Running Exchange, [www.albanyrunningexchange.org] which is an outgrowth of a SUNY student association group, which owns land that they want to use for an adventure race sometime in the future. The property is the Dippikill Wilderness Retreat [www.dippikill.com] near Warrensburg. Glen advised that EMPO members can offer course setting help.

Nominations for club officers included the present slate of Gabor Bobok-president, Grant Staats-vice president, Janet Tryson-treasurer, Eric Hamilton-secretary. Member Cynthia Johnson put forth her name for treasurer, as Janet at one point indicated she was ready to move on from the position she's held for over 10 years. However, she indicated she would continue for at least one more year. Phil moved to accept the current slate of officers, Glen seconded, carried.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet N. Tryson, Treasurer

Addendum to the minutes:
Secretary Eric Hamilton reported to the officers by e-mail:
"As for my responsibilities, I have submitted an application of exemption of sales and use taxes and a charities registration package to file with the office of Attorney General [of New York State]. Both are relatively straightforward now that we have our 501(c)(3) [designation by the IRS]."