EMPO Annual Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2007

(Smith's Tavern, Voorheesville)

President Gabor Bobok called the meeting to order shortly after 6 PM.

Present were Gabor Bobok, Eric Hamilton, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Will Kennerly, Glen Tryson, and Janet Tryson. Sue Hawkes-Teeter arrived in time to make a quorum.

Treasurer's Report: Janet Tryson reported a current balance of $10,303.15. Eric Hamilton said he would try to determine the status of our 501(c)(3) application. Currently, Janet and Phil Hawkes-Teeter are authorized signatures on the bank account. The two will review whether this should be changed. Glen Tryson moved the report be accepted; Phil second; carried.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: It was noted that these had been previously approved and were posted on line.

Dues and Map Fees: Consensus was that dues remain the same as last year. Janet Tryson moved that a blank individual map be sold at a price of $3; Will Kennerly second; carried unanimously.

Sunday, Sept. 16 (NOD) at Five Rivers (possible S I on an advanced course)
October is open. Eric Hamilton considering a meet later in the month possibly at Vischer Ferry Preserve, Clifton Park.
Saturday, Nov. 10 - Club Championships at Pinnacle. 
Scout O - Gabor Bobok will check with Jim Rose about coordination with Scouts. He will also determine which map would be appropriate.
Sunday, Dec. 16 - Ski O at Lapland Lake, sprint format with short courses.

Election of Officers:
Phil Hawkes-Teeter moved that we re-elect the current officers:
Gabor Bobok, President
Grant Staats, V. P.
Janet Tryson, Treasurer
Eric Hamilton, Secretary

Sue Hawkes-Teeter second. Discussion on the Board of Directors followed:
Phil Hawkes-Teeter, newsletter and maps
Glen Tryson, equipment
Sue Hawkes-Teeter, education and school liaison
Jim Rose - Scout liaison
Motion curried unanimously.

Monetary Commitment:

Discussion followed on whether to commit funds for mapping Moreau State Park (expanding to include new State acquisition), Partridge Run, or Garnet Hill or commit fund for additional S I equipment. Phil Hawkes-Teeter will obtain estimates for photogrammetry for Moreau S P and Partridge Run.

Eric Hamilton will pursue Empire State Games office for $1000 worth of S I boxes.

Phil Hawkes-Teeter moved that we purchase 5 S I boxes, 5 sticks, and 5 stands. Janet Tryson second; carried unanimously.

Eric Hamilton moved that we authorize up to $125 for food and beverages for this annual meeting; Glen Tryson second; carried unanimously.

Being no further business Glen Tryson moved to adjourn; Will Kennerly second; carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Hamilton