EMPO Annual Meeting Minutes
July 23, 2006

(Mangias Restaurant, Western Ave Albany)

Phil Hawkes-Teeter called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm noting that there was a quorum present including Gabor Bobok, Eric Hamilton, Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Bob Lange, Ried Smalley, Grant Staats, Janet Tryson, and Glen Tryson.

The only copy of the club's bylaws were marked draft so Phil entertained a motion that if not previously adopted that these be accepted. Eric Hamilton so moved; Glen Tryson second; carried unanimously. [Subsequent research showed that the bylaws were accepted at the Spring 2004 meeting.]

Phil asked for nominations from the floor for secretary and treasurer. Being none he called for a vote for unchallenged incumbents, carried unanimously. For president Bill Jameson 0; Gabor Bobok 7. Grant Staats was elected vice president by acclimation.

Phil reported that current coordinators would continue:

  • Publicity - Reid Smalley
  • Ski Orienteering - Eric Hamilton
  • Scouting - Jim Rose
  • Equipment - Glen Tryson
  • Newsletter - Phil Hawkes-Teeter

Grant Staats volunteered to be mapping coordinator. It was the general consensus that the position could be better defined.

Treasurers report was circulated including a balance sheet for the last 4 years. Janet Tryson reports that there is $7,259.62 in the treasury. Eric Hamilton moved the report be accepted; Sue Hawkes-Teeter second, carried.

Eric Hamilton apologized for not being able to recompile the application for a 501(c)(3) status. He promised to try again sometime after October 15. Phil Hawkes-Teeter eloquently summarized the history. Eric asked him to put the discussion on paper, because on of the early questions in the application is, "Have you ever applied before."

Membership dues structure and meet fees were reviewed and discussed. Consensus was that the existing dues and meet fees were sufficient.

Club sponsorships were briefly discussed. Phil pointed out that we cannot obtain sponsorships until we obtain not-for-profit status with IRS.

Phil said that we should continue to encourage additional local meet directors. Several excellent possibilities include the Reeds, Pat Donlavey, and Dylan Tgis, a student at RPI.

E-punching equipment was discussed high points were the disadvantages: a higher level of expertise, more work for meet directors. If we want to be a part of a Northeast equipment pool, then we have too have a small set of equipment. Grant said that he has been entrusted for the summer with similar equipment belonging to the military, but has not had time to become acquainted with the operation of the units. Grant will pursue one or more proposals with a cap of $3000 on a potential purchase.

Mapping: Phil pointed out that the map inventory on the back of the agenda showing the status on each map.


  • Billy Goat tentatively May 20, '07 pending arrangements with Thacher Park. Bill Jameson is meet director. There will be a local meet concurrently.
  • U S Championships at Moreau State Park possibly '08 or '09 were discussed. Sue Hawkes-Teeter will contact Mark Dominie about mapping.
  • Rogaine at Garnet Hill was also discussed, but will be after summer of '07.
  • Ski Orienteering Championships possibly at Pine Ridge in February '08?

Speaking on behalf of the Club, Bob Lange sincerely thanked Phil Hawkes-Teeter for his leadership over the years and called for a round of applause.

Reid Smalley suggested that our waiver and release be revised to include a photo release. He will get wording circulate to meet directors.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned shortly after 3 pm on a motion by Bob Lange; second by Glen Tryson.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric J. Hamilton

Sun, Jul 30, 2006 07:13 PM -- Philip Hawkes-Teeter wrote:

EMPO Principals Who Attended-

There are a number of things which I want to get written down, coming out of our meeting. I know Eric is working on the minutes, and I won't be trying to create those. Rather this is a list of things which either I was supposed to follow-up on, and things which I believe others need to follow-up on at some point because they are jobs I am passing along.

Follow-up items:

  1. Looking at the US O Planning Calendar, I was slightly off on the date of CNYO's 2008 event, as it is the end of (not early) September. However I was right that it's planned for Happy Valley. Their event this year is in Virgil, and perhaps because of the mapping tasks or whatever, their cycle between events has gone to two years, rather than 18 months. It isn't entirely clear to me, but so far it appears the 2008 event is Sanctioned, but not yet officially awarded the NA Champs, though there seems to be no competition for that event.

    The upshot is, that in order to hook up with CNYO for a consecutive weekend NA/US Champs combo, we would have to hold our event October 4-5, 2008. That's about one month earlier than it would have been if we had hooked up with what was being planned by DVOA (but is no longer on the Planning board). Moreau is a VERY popular camping location in October, and they will definitely still be charging for parking, and will have few if any campsites available for orienteers (the sites get booked up as soon as they can be booked). That's why early November had looked to me like the best time to hold an A Meet there, even though it could be quite chilly.

    That said, with the new lands owned by the Park being mapped, we likely wouldn't need to run through the camping area. In the past, it has been impossible to get enough distance on a Red course (let alone Blue) without using the entire map, and that has caused issues with some campers, and thus Park management. That should no longer be necessary. So, maybe early October could work.

  2. EMPO's e-mail address is currently listed as a sub-mailbox of mine, so it all (mainly ~15 junk mails each day, but occasionally a real inquiry) comes to me. I could give someone the permissions to check/receive the e-mail in that box, or we could change the Club e-mail address, or we could eliminate having a Club e-mail address.

  3. The basemap cost for Thacher (just the photogrammetry), was £710 for 10.75 km, so we can start with a cost of around £70/k or at today's conversion around $130/k. The area we would want mapped at Moreau is similar or a bit larger depending upon what we select, so the price would be ~$1400.

Follow-up Questions:

In what format would you like to receive the Member/Contact information I have collected? I have it in MS Outlook 2003 format. Once upon a time I would have said I could export it to Excel format, but for some unknown reason that process is not working for me right now. So, I can either send you a .PST file for you to open and/or import into your Outlook setup, or I can try to add data to someone else's (Janet's ?) Excel version of it.

What data do you want? Besides EMPO Members, I have "Former Members", "Inquiries", "Venues", "Scouts", "Attended Meet", "Orienteering", "NY Ski-O", and other Categories of Contacts, all of which could prove useful (and all of which I have used). I'm pretty sure Janet has little or none of this. As I noted, my Export capability has died, but I could perhaps Mail-merge it all into a Word document.

When do you want it?

Follow-up material:

Possible Paragraph to explain why we are re-submitting to IRS:
Our club was incorporated under New York State law in ?(1990, I think; it's on file, but I haven't looked it up) as a non-profit corporation, but we did not apply to the IRS for 501c3 status until ???. At that time it was discovered that there was a mis-match between the categories of activities under New York State law and those allowed under the IRS. After receiving guidance from the IRS, we revised our purposes and submitted revised articles to the court of jurisdiction (Saratoga County) and the New York Department of State. These have been approved (see attached), and now we are re-submitting our revised articles to the IRS.

I'm sure this isn't all I was supposed to get out, but it's been a week, and I thought I should send what I've gotten done so far.