Empire Orienteering Club
Annual Meeting
June 16, 2018, Crandall Park, Glens Falls

Meeting called to order by Phil Hawkes-Teeter at 1:15 PM.

Attending: Eric Hamilton, David Harnett, Cynthia Johnson, Tyler Koziol, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, and Sue Hawkes-Teeter.

Minutes from Last Meeting: Phil Hawkes-Teeter asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of the June 3, 2017, meeting as circulated. Being none, the minutes were accepted by acclamation.

Elections: Phil Hawkes Teeter opened the floor for nominations. There were no nominations, so Phil entertained a motion that all officers be re-elected. Cynthia Johnson so moved, Eric Hamilton
second, carried unanimously. Officers remain: President Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Vice President Frank Boscoe, Secretary Eric Hamilton, Treasurer Cynthia Johnson.

Treasurer's Report: Cynthia Johnson reported that we have a checking account balance of $1,160.03, after deducting the recent payment to Scarborough Orienteering for new equipment. She said that we will receive the security deposit for today's event meaning the checking account balance will be $1,350.03. Details of the year's transactions are attached. Because we still have a Savings account balance of $15,028.86, it was the consensus that there isn't a pressing need to increase dues or local meet entry fees. Cynthia also read the list of those who have not renewed their membership. There was only one surprise and Eric Hamilton will contact him. The half dozen others were occasional participants ... not attending a meet yet this year.

Schedule: Phil Hawkes-Teeter asked if we wanted to do a summer evening series of sprint events like we did last year. Discussion followed. Eric Hamilton will evaluate using either his neighborhood maps or the Clifton Park Commons through Shenendehowa School Property. The possibility of using Central Park, Schenectady and Washington Park, Albany will be considered. For the Fall schedule Rensselaer Plat-O Traverse is a real possibility. A Columbus Day event and Club Championships are also needed. The possibility of a scout-O is fading unless we get a scout leader to facilitate their end of the event.

Equipment and Software: Phil Hawkes-Teeter said that we have sufficient OCAD 12 and OCAD 11 licenses available. We also discussed a battery vs. generator as a power source for meets. lt was concluded that battery was most important for everything but an A meet at which the timer provides one. Phil Hawkes-Teeter said we are expecting recommendations from David Hunter on event location signs. There are 10 control posts that are shorter then others that have no way to hang flags. Phil is working on a remedy.

Staffing Needs: Cynthia Johnson said she would run the SI if we used it at a Central Park summer meet. Phil Hawkes-Teeter renewed his offer to do OE2010 training session if we can get one or more potential meet directors to try it.

Mapping Plans: Phil Hawkes-Teeter circulated the inventory of club maps and their status. Eric Hamilton noted that he will want to update the Clifton Common map before winter to include the area (behind Hannaford) that the Town purchased from School District. Camp Rotary is on Mark Dominie's list and could be used for both days of an A meet weekend in 2019.

A Meet: Possibilities for October 2019 were discussed, hinges on mapping (see Mapping Plans, last sentence, above).

Adjournment: Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM
Respectfully Submitted,
Eric Hamilton

Treasurer's Report: