Empire Orienteering Club
Annual Meeting
June 3, 2017, Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

Meeting called to order by Phil Hawkes-Teeter at 2:00 PM.
Attending: Frank Boscoe, William Kennerly, Douglas Swank, Eric Hamilton, Phil Hawkes-Teeter, and Sue Hawkes-Teeter.

Minutes from Last Meeting: Eric Hamilton noted that minutes from the June 26, 2016, Annual Meeting were circulated and passed along hard copies for those interested. Phil Hawkes-Teeter asked if there were any corrections. Being none, the minutes were accepted by acclamation.

Elections: Phil Hawkes Teeter opened the floor for nominations. There were no nominations, so Phil entertained a motion that all officers be re-elected. Frank Boscoe so moved, Doug Swank second, carried. Officers remain: President Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Vice President Frank Boscoe, Secretary Eric Hamilton, Treasurer Cynthia Johnson.

Treasurer's Report: As of May 31, we have $6,564.14 in checking and $15,012.58 in the savings account for a total of $21,576.72. Eric Hamilton cautioned that the club should not exceed a total net worth of $25,000, because New York State Charities Registration reporting requirements be- come more burdensome on the treasurer.

Conflict of Interest Policy: Eric Hamilton noted that as an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation registered as a NY State Charity that we individually should annually review and accept our conflict of interest policy. Generally, with a totally unpaid volunteer organization this is fairly routine and mundane. But he went on to say the we should all remember that besides the treasury, the club’s assets include intellectual property, specifically our extensive library of maps. He asked each of the other members to review and sign the policy.  This will be kept on file with the corporate records.

Fall Schedule
: Phil Hawkes-Teeter noted that we have a potential for three meets this fall and turned to Frank Boscoe as the person compiling a calendar. Discussion followed about poor attendance at Scout-O. For all the work that Gabor Bobok puts into organizing the event it is a shame that attendance is not what it has been in previous years. Sue Hawkes-Teeter agreed to team up with Gabor to improve attendance through publicity.

Equipment and Software: Phil Hawkes-Teeter said that we may have an OCAD 11 license available for Frank Boscoe and/or Eric Hamilton. Phil will provide base contour maps from LIDAR for anyone who wants to work on a mapping project. The club’s supply of 50 working SI control boxes plus 8 start/finish/clear/check and download blocks should be adequate. We have plenty of flags some numbered, most not.  Flags that are in bad shape are being rotated out.

Staffing Needs: It was the general consensus that having at least two people at each meet makes the event flow better. A third person to run the computer is even better. We need more members who are comfortable with running event software. Eric Hamilton touted success with Purple Pen software. A suggestion was made that we dedicate an old PC to running event software, recognizing that the challenge would be to keep the battery charged and ready to go.

Although historically we have not done meets during the summer, Will Kennerly suggested that we try one in a popular location near, or on one of our more convenient Capital District maps on a weekday evening.  Several had ideas for this possibility, but no decision made.

Mapping Plans: Phil Hawkes-Teeter said that the Grafton Lake map is our priority with a contract with Mark Dominie for this work. Phil continues to work on Schenectady Central Park, and Dutch Settlement State Forest and Cotton Hill State Forest could be added to his list of projects. David Hunter is working on Mt Van Hoevenberg, and plans to start on Dewey Mountain. Bill Jameson will work on two Clifton Park maps (from afar) as Eric Hamilton can feed him field work.

Local Meet Window: Discussion followed on changing the meet window for all local meets so that registration would be between 11 AM to 1 PM regardless of whether it is held Saturday or Sunday. It was decided to poll the membership using doodle.com or the like.

Other: Frank Boscoe announced that he had volunteered to be a consultant for a July 6 meet being held in conjunction with the International Cartographic Conference at George Mason. QOC would be doing most of the work.

A Meet: Possibilities for October 2018 were discussed. What seemed to garner the most enthusiasm was a traverse between Grafton Lake State Park and Pineridge. No action or decisions were made other than Phil Hawkes-Teeter's commitment to press Mark Dominie for a timeline for completing the Grafton Map.

Adjournment: Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by acclamation as a gust of wind blew through about 3:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Eric Hamilton