At Niskayuna Parks (Lock 7)

Meeting called to order by Phil Hawkes-Teeter at 2:00 PM.
Attending: Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Glen & Janet Tryson, Frank Boscoe, Will Kennerly, Jason Edwards, Cynthia Johnson, David Hunter, Janet Findlay and Bob Lange.

Sue Hawkes-Teeter presented the Trysons with a card signed by all in attendance and served cupcakes all around as a thank you for their many contributions to EMPO over many years.

Elections: Phil Hawkes-Teeter opened the floor for nominations. Cynthia Johnson was elected treasurer. All other officers were reinstated.

Treasurer's Report: Janet Tryson reported a balance of $21,483 as of June 15, 2016. We realized a net gain of $9,160 from the A-Meet at Pineridge. Discussion followed on whether we should be more generous to meet workers by awarding shirts and/or discount or waiving entry fees. It was consensus that there is no pressing need to revise entry fees, map fees, or any other fees provided OUSA does not significantly increase local club fees.

Fall Schedule: Phil Hawkes-Teeter is preparing white and orange courses at Thacher Park for a Friday, September 9 for a Waldorf school field trip. He and Sue have another volunteer, but they need more help. He also suggested we have a local meet on Saturday which could be the club’s National Orienteering Day (NOD) meet.

We need other events to round out the fall schedule. We normally have a Columbus Day weekend event, an event designed specifically for youth and scout groups, and a club championship to end the season. Five Rivers and Cole Hill are possibilities.

Equipment Purchases: Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Bill Jameson have the club’s only OCAD 12 licenses. OCAD 10 and 11 can do most everything that OCAD 12 can do except generate contours from LIDAR files. Phil will provide base contour maps from LIDAR for anyone who wants to work on a mapping project.

The club’s recent order for SportIdent (SI) is not complete, but we are assured it is coming.

The mini-printer recently purchased can print splits and results at a meet without the need for a laptop/PC.

Staffing Needs: Phil Hawkes-Teeter and Gabor Bobok are the only club members who can run the SI soft-ware. Phil commended Jason Edwards on his work at the Niskayuna meet. Cynthia Johnson is also quite capable. Phil also encouraged others to try the Purple Pen course setting tool, but use only OCAD maps to avoid problems. If you need help contact Phil Hawkes-Teeter.

Janet Tryson agreed to continue managing the club’s website. Jason Edwards indicated he may be able to take an active role on the website in the future. Janet Findlay will work on EMPO’s Facebook page to improve appearance and promote the schedule.

Mapping Plans: Because of new construction both Tawasentha and Five Rivers maps will need work. If anyone is interested in making and/or updating local maps Phil Hawkes-Teeter does an excellent job of creating a base map from aerial photography and LIDAR data. Mark Dominie will be working on an update to Grafton Lake map. Moreau and Thacher park maps both need expansions and updates, but no action taken.

A Meet: Possibilities for October 2018 were discussed, including running it as a championship event. Key roles were discussed, but no action or decisions were made.

Adjournment: By acclamation.

Respectfully Submitted,
Eric Hamilton
from notes by Phil Hawkes-Teeter