Annual Meeting, May 9, 2015
4 - 6 PM

Meeting called by Phil H-T

Member Attendees: Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Glen & Janet Tryson, Janet Findlay & David Hunter, Fred Pilon, Collette van Kerckvoorde, Candi Raines

Annual Meeting

Nominations from the floor for Club Officers (acting as "Nominating Committee"). The existing Officers were re-nominated.

Election of Club Officers

The existing Officers were re-elected by acclamation.

Appointment of Committees and Coordinators:  No changes were made

Financial status

  • Treasurer's Report
    • Current account balance $12,744.48
    • Principal expenditures were:
      • $7,233 to Mark Dominie for mapping Pineridge
      • $640 for a new OCAD 11 license
      • $1471.80 for additional SI equipment
  • It was noted that the EMPO Ski-O Team won prize money for the club due its winning performance at the US Ski-O Championships
  • Dues, entry fees
    • Unchanged

Spring local schedule

  • Anything else that could be added?
    • No one present was able to add an event
    • Phil will check further with Frank about who has been asked

Autumn local schedule

  • NOD?
    • Bob Canham and Marc Largie have indicated they could be first time Meet Directors this season, and hosting the National Orienteering Day event at Saratoga Spa seems like a good option
  • Columbus Day? (it would compete with UNO A Meet)
    • To be dropped for this year due to A Meet conflict
    • We will offer W/Y Rec courses at our A Meet, which could be our October local meet
  • Club Champs? (Pineridge in November?)
    • Phil and/or Glen could direct
    • Phil will check with Walter to get an OK
  • Scout-O?
    • Frank should talk to Gabor

Possible Equipment Purchases & Distribution

  • Plexiglas plates for Ski-O controls
    • There was consensus that this was a reasonable idea, and an offer was made to purchase them; but David indicated he could make them himself; he will produce some prototypes for review; Phil will send him a proposed layout
  • Stands
    • Fabricating new aluminum stands cannot be done cheaply enough without making a large quantity, and we don’t want to go into selling them
    • Janet F will purchase a set of 10 fiberglass ones from the Canadian O-Store (EMPO will reimburse)
  • SI Units?
    • Not buying any now
    • Several existing units will need new batteries for the A Meet; Phil will contact Eddie Bergeron to see what he would want in the way of a “Contribution”
    • Otherwise, Janet & David can get the units to Eric Teutsch in Ottawa

Mapping Plans/Status

  • Local maps
    • Phil continues working on Partridge Run as time allows
    • Bill has drafted an update for Crandall Park
  • A Meet maps
    • See next item
  • Hiring for New/Updated Maps
    • Grafton
      • Glen will take a look at the newly acquired land south of the highway
      • If deemed suitable, Phil or Glen can pursue with Mark Dominie
      • Might just be for local events
    • Thacher
      • Not next on the priority list
    • Partridge Run/Cole Hill/Game Farm
      • Adding the Game Farm (now owned by the Town of Berne) to the Cole Hill map is the top priority
      • Need to discuss with Dominie what he would charge to upgrade existing map to A Meet level, and similar upgrade to Partridge Run
    • Rensselaerville State Forest
      • If Dominie takes on some or all of the above, Phil could turn to developing a Rogaine map of this State Forest; probably good for an 8 hour event

Local Staffing Needs

  • More Directors for local events
    • David is interested in possibly hosting a Mt. Bike-O (MTB-O) at Mt. Van
    • This could be a national level event
    • He will contact Greg Lennon, who has been promoting MTB-O

Next A Meet (Pineridge, October 3-4, 2015)

  • Status
    • Frank (Meet Director) could not attend, but everything is pretty much on track
    • Bill has agreed to handle the Finish, so there are now Team Leaders for all functions
    • Phil has recently talked with Walter and will be starting field work on courses this week
  • Erin Schirm request
    • His request to use the Moreau map was deemed acceptable in return for his promotion of our A Meet in developing his training/tour
  • Baby-sitting?
    • It has been agreed that we will offer it on Sunday only (the long course day)
    • Minimum charge of $5 required when registering
    • Additional $5 for every hour (or part) beyond 1, to be paid in cash
  • String course?
    • Yes, we will offer one
    • Phil will check with Betsy Hawes to see if she would be willing to manage it
    • Will & Stacey might be possible alternatives if Betsy can’t/won’t do it
  • Tent Rental?
    • Fred rented a tent not too long ago for another event he hosted
    • For 20ft x 20ft tent the cost was $400
    • He will look into whether the company he used would be available for our event
  • Team Leaders?
    • No updates, except as noted above Bill will lead the Finish team
  • Staffing?
    • David expressed concern about having enough staff for the Start team
    • Fred and Collette volunteered to join that team

Closing Arguments

  • No one chose to argue about anything


  • A motion was made to adjourn, was seconded, and passed by acclamation
  • The hot dogs were still warm