Minutes of Empire O.C. meeting - 28 DEC 89
Clifton Park, NY

Attendance: Ed Downey, Ed Jaeger, Bill Jameson

Old Business:
* Ed J. has the paperwork needed to open a checking account, but needs some kind of tax number from Ed. D. We all signed the signature card for the account.
Action: Ed D. to find out what the number business is all about, and how to get one.

* A couple of designs for the club suit were passed around. After discussion, a modified version was drawn and pronounced acceptable. We decided that it would be rushing things to get an order back by spring, so we will place an order in late spring and have them by late summer.
Action: Bill to get information from Ed Hicks about prices.

* Major 1990 events: The date chosen for the NYS Champs is during hunting season, so we moved it to the weekend of 8-9 SEP. That necessitated moving the Rogaine also. We decided to move it to June, and after further discussion this past weekend, we settled on 24 June, since that will tie in well with the convention during that week. Note: To date, 3 JAN, permission has been obtained for the Rogaine from Grafton Park, and for 9 SEP from Saratoga Park. Only 8 SEP at Moreau still needs to be arranged.
Action: Bill

Much discussion. Finally settled on a budget of about $4000 for FY 90. The Treasurer has the details and will mail it out.
Action: Ed J.

1992 'A' Meet:
Briefly discussed. Options appear to be either Grafton or Camp Rotary. Ed J. will check with Camp Rotary to see about any potential funding from Boy Scouts. Possibility of finding existing suitable aerial photos is looking slimmer all the time. We do have an engineering map of Grafton, of unknown quality and usability. At the least, it needs some updating of the new roads and buildings. Bill will try to get an expert opinion from Mark Dominie.
Action: Ed J., Bill

Please send me any corrections.

--Bill Jameson, Club Secretary