Minutes of the Empire Orienteering Club Meeting - 6 SEP 89 - 7:00-9:00 PM
Guilderland Town Library, Guilderland, NY

Attendance: Ed Downey, Ed Jaeger, Kevin Thiemann, Dick Curtis, Jim Ging, Mike Prevost, Bill Jameson

Discussion of Club Name:

Empire Orienteering Club selected. USOF members present signed the charter request. An effective date for the charter of 2 OCT 1989 was selected, as this will make our renewal date 1 FEB 91. It would have been 1 FEB 90 if we made it effective earlier. Jameson will send in the form. Club address will be the P.O. Box that we already have.

Action: Jameson

Discussion of How to Incorporate:

Thiemann explained that two incorporators would be needed. Following approval of incorporation by the state, we will need to elect a Board of Directors and establish our by-laws. Thiemann and Downey were elected as incorporators. Thiemann will check with HVO about a copy of their by-laws to use as a model. Secretary will contact all USOF members about changing affiliation to new club, vice HVO.

Action: Thiemann, Downey, Jameson

Election of Officers:

The group decided to have the principal officers elected (President, Treasurer, Secretary), with the other officers appointed. This will be firmed up in the by-laws later. Election results were: President--Downey; Treasurer--Jaeger; Secretary--Jameson.

Action: none

Club Dues:

Group decided to keep our dues structure the same as HVO's initially. Downey will speak with John Horning about creating a membership application, to be available by the meet on 17 SEP. Memberships will be good for one year from date received. Secretary will maintain mailing list and follow up on renewals.

Action: Downey, Horning


Downey has received numerous expressions of interest in the sport. These will be passed along to the Secretary, who will mail out a flyer. Further mailings will not be made unless the individual joins the club. This is necessary at present to keep mail costs down.

Action: Downey, Jameson


John Horning has volunteered to produce and mail the newsletter. We hope to do four issues per year at present. Secretary will provide him with mail labels for each issue. First-class mail is preferred because of long delays in bulk rate mailings.

Action: Horning, Jameson

Financial Structure:

We agreed to establish two general divisions in our funding. Membership dues will be used for the club newsletter and other mailings to members and prospective members only, unless specifically  changed by the Board. All other income, principally meet fees, will be used for other expenses, principally mapping. We discussed setting up a checking account, but as we have no $$$ yet, we will wait until we have some first. President and Treasurer will be on the signature card.

Action: Jaeger

Fall/Winter Schedule:

We went over the local fall schedule and solicited volunteers for meet workers. Each meet director is responsible for getting workers for his meet. Insurance certificates have been received for all fall meets. ESG Ski-O meet is at Saratoga on 11 FEB. An ad was placed in the NYSSRA publications for this. Large turnout and profit expected. Holding other ski-O events was discussed. Date for Saratoga Winter Carnival is not set yet. Tawasentha may be a good place for an event this winter. Action was deferred for now.

Action: Meet directors

Longer Range Schedule:

Spring schedule will be discussed later this fall. We agreed to work toward a USOF "B" meet in the fall of '90, possibly to be called the NY State Championships. The best site would be Moreau S.P., since we already have a reasonable base map. Possibly this could be a weekend event, with a "B" relay or score-O at Saratoga the same weekend. Potential high turnout and profit. Jameson will look into USOF grant/loan for printing color map of Moreau. Fieldwork by us, possible at a mapraising in the spring. Available experienced field workers are Jaeger, Jameson, Downey and possibly Eric Hamilton. Crandall Park would be good for '91 ESG ski-O. Holding an "A" meet is not expected until '92.

Action: Jameson


Current map inventory is 3 color maps (Washington Park, Saratoga Spa S.P., and the new Tawasentha map). We have 6 black and white maps of various quality (Colonie, Kinns Road, Day Biathlon Center, Lake Moreau, Siena College, Boyhaven Scout Camp). We also have a few good base maps of other areas (Central Park, Peebles Island, SUNY campus, Crandall Park). There are at least a dozen sites within an hour's drive of Albany that are suitable for "A" meets. In addition there are 25-30 potential smaller areas. Downey stated a club goal of making a new color map and 1-2 new black and white maps per year. Current plan for '90 is Moreau (color).

Action: Not discussed, but I (Jameson) am willing to take charge of coordinating the mapping program for the club.

Club Suits:

We looked briefly at cloth samples obtained from Ed Hicks. The basic color schema desired is blue, with secondary colors white and gold (NY State colors). Eric Hamilton designed a club logo, which could be placed on the suit. Downey stated the John Horning and his wife might be interested in putting together proposed designs for us to look at later in the fall. The plan is to have them for the spring season.

Action: Downey, Horning(?)

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM and moved informally to TGI Friday's. Discussion of promotion ensued. Jaeger volunteered to take over that task. Unanimously approved by those present.

NOTE: Items needed this fall, some mentioned above for action, are:

  • Membership form
  • Waiver
  • By-laws
  • Club flyer (like HVO's) to send to interested people

--Bill Jameson, Club Secretary