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Mail address: PO Box 51, Clifton Park, NY 12065


Membership application form

(see more about membership below)

EMPO Club Officers

President: Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Vice President: Frank Boscoe
Secretary: Eric Hamilton
Treasurer: Cynthia Johnson (term begins 2016)

Committee Chairs

Ski-O: Eric Hamilton
Scouts: Gabor Bobok
Publicity: Bob Lange
Equipment Managers (as of June 2016)
     LOCAL equipment: Phil Hawkes-Teeter
     A-MEET equipment: Bruce Beesley
Map Librarian: Phil Hawkes-Teeter
O-In-Schools Coordinator: Sue Hawkes-Teeter


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EMPO Club Business

EMPO Membership

Membership application form

EMPO membership entitles you to reduced event fees, and voting rights at the annual club meeting(s). (Formerly, we published a newsletter that was also included; see old issues here.)

For more information, or to join, contact Empire Orienteering Club, or come to any of our meets.

Fee structure:

Join in Jan 1 - Jun 30 Jul 1 - Oct 31 Nov 1 - Dec 31
Student (college undergrad or younger) $5 $5 $5
Individual (21 and older) 
$15 $22 $15
Family $20 $30 $20
Membership good until Dec 31 of the same year Dec 31 of the following year Dec 31 of the following year

Entry fees for EMPO events are as follows (per map):

  • EMPO members (or any other chartered NY orienteering club, USOF/COF): $5 with a $13 maximum per family (for those with an EMPO family membership)
  • non-members: $10 with a $25 maximum per family
  • large groups: $5/$10  (member/non-member) for the first two groups' maps and $5 for each additional map
  • white (orienteering novice) course: $5 (both member and non-member)
  • fall Scout-O event: $4 per map (one map required per Scout)
  • SI stick rental (for courses which use electronic timing): $2
Maps (without a course) may be purchased for $5 per copy.

Entry fees for EMPO ski-O events are as follows:

  • members of EMPO, any other chartered NY orienteering club, USOF/COF, or NYSSRA: $8 with a $25 family maximum
  • non-members: $12 (no family maximum)
  • no group discounts
  • trail fees may be additional

Orienteering USA Membership

Membership in the national governing body of orienteering, Orienteering USA (previously known as USOF), entitles you to a subscription to Orienteering North America aka ONA, discounts at Orienteering USA-sanctioned A-meets, eligibility for US Championships, voting rights, and membership in the International Orienteering Federation. For more information, see the Orienteering USA webpage at (application form)

In 2011, 30 members of our club were members of OUSA (counting "2" for each family membership). We'd like to see more EMPO members join Orienteering USA.

Reasons to support the national organization:

1. Orienteering USA puts out a publication (ONA) that is part of your membership (except for Junior memberships). This is a good way to find out about national events and what is going on across the country.
2. Orienteering USA membership offers a discount when registering for A-meets (including ones we host!).
3. Orienteering USA provides low cost insurance (group rate; paid with our annual club recharter) that allows us to hold meets and apply for land use permits from the State Parks and many of the local ones. We wouldn't be able to use our great State Park maps without this insurance coverage.

Lets say thank you for the support and join Orienteering USA.

Make a donation to support EMPO's ongoing mapping and educational efforts

  • Via Paypal
  • Through your purchases at Amazon Smile
  • Or send a check payable to Empire Orienteering Club to P.O. Box 51, Clifton Park, NY 12065