Adirondack Adventures A-meet

2013 U.S. Individual Orienteering Championships
U.S. Team Trials
(new) National Trail Orienteering Championships
May 10-12, 2013

Save the dates!  Empire Orienteering Club will host the 2013 U.S. Individual Orienteering Championships over the weekend of 10-12 May, 2013.  The event also includes the 2013 Team Trials to name the team representing the U.S. at the World Orienteering Championships in Finland. The 2013 National Trail Orienteering Championships will take place at Moreau Lake, organized by Peter Goodwin.

Schedule: The Sprint Championships will be held on Friday afternoon on a NEW map of Camp Wakpominee, a Boy Scout camp in Fort Ann, New York. The Middle Championships will be held on Saturday at Moreau Lake, site of the 2010 Two-day Classic Champs and the 2012 Billygoat. The Trail Orienteering Championships will also be at Moreau, near the Lake -- there will likely be an introductory course you can try to see what it's all about! We'll return to Camp Wakpominee for the Long Championships on Sunday.  Both venues are less than 20 miles from beautiful Lake George. Each of the Individual races will involve a bus ride from the centralized parking areas, so plan to allow for travel time to the event centers!

Accommodations: Moreau Campground will be open during the event; if you are interested, reserve a site via the state campground reservation website.  We are unable to offer camping at the Scout camp.

The Lake George, New York, area is the best place to start looking for motel accommodations. We have chosen a meet hotel in Lake George, Surfside on the Lake. In addition, the Choice hotel/motel chain with whom Orienteering USA has a sponsorship arrangement this year has a number of sites in the area too; use special rate ID 00228560 to save 15% off the advertised rates. Find all this and much more on our Champs website:

Attention O-Vendors

Friday and Sunday races will be at Camp Wakpominee, a Boy Scout Camp.  Saturday will be at Moreau Lake State Park.  The state park has traditionally not allowed vendors on their site.

We have permission from the scout camp for vendors to sell items at the camp, provided that YOU, the vendor, write an e-mail to Dennis Dugan of the Boy Scouts at, and tell him of your intentions, and what you will be selling.  Merchandise only, not food service please.

We have the use of the dining hall at the camp, so indoor selling space MAY be available.  Contact us with any questions.


Bill Jameson (EMPO liaison to the scout camp for the event, among other things)