2019 EMPO Champs - Event and Course Notes


  • Anyone can enter and participate in the event, but to be an EMPO Class Champion you must be an EMPO Member. You may join EMPO at the event before you start your course (and your membership will last through next year!); but you cannot join just to qualify after running your course.
  • The history of EMPO Champions is on our web site here: http://empo.us.orienteering.org/results/club-champs
  • For timing, this is an SI (SportIdent) electronic punch event. You must use an SI stick/card. If you don’t have your own, you may rent one ($2). If unfamiliar with this system, we will instruct you.


This is a new map, which makes it a new adventure. It also means that it has not been run on before, and never has had any corrections made after discoveries/comments from those who ran on it.

I have spent well over a year sporadically working on it, both before and while I developed the courses. I have especially worked on the areas I thought likely to be followed by competitors as they moved through the forests and fields to their controls. I have walked the ways I would expect all to follow their courses, though I can’t perfectly anticipate anyone’s route choices, or mistakes and recovery needs. Nonetheless, this is a very complex area, and I am certain that I missed some things in this initial edition of the map:
  • The vegetation level has been checked in the areas shown with larger greens, but the smaller vegetation patches are just what I get from the Karta mapping software
  • There is more rock than is mapped; there is just so much in places that it can’t all be mapped without making the map overly black
  • The area includes some limestone fissures, like other parts of Thacher Park and Margaret Burke WMA, but they are fewer and less significant than in those areas, so the fissure symbol is not used. While they are still not individually mapped, just watch your footing in any linear depressions you come across
  • There are certainly other unmapped rootstocks, depressions, and other odds & ends out there which are yet unmapped; if you think they are significant, let me know.


EMPO’s competitive Championship classes and courses are:
  •  F/M-12 White
  •  F/M-15 Yellow
  •  F/M-18 Orange
  •  F/M-20 Green
  •  F/M-21+ Red
  •  M35+ Red
  •  F35+/F45+/M45+/M55+ Green
  •  F55+/F65+/M65+ Orange
Course details:
  • White: 1.7k, 25m climb, 10 controls
  • Yellow: 2.6k, 45m climb, 10 controls
  • Orange: 3.1k, 45m climb, 10 controls
  • Green: 4.0k, 75m climb, 11 controls
  • Red: 5.0k, 90m climb, 11 controls
Red/Green/Orange have one Water Stop, about mid-way. Yellow/White do not have any. Have fun! 

--Phil H-T